Executive Bios

Ben Fox


Ben Fox has two decades of experience in the fabric building industry. Ben has extensive experience with all aspects of fabric buildings, including sales, manufacture, installation and repair.

In his role as President/CEO of Legacy, Ben is responsible for leading the day-to-day and long-term operations and management of the Legacy team. He is known for creating long-term and mutually rewarding and valuable relationships with customers, employees and vendors.

As President, he is the company's visionary, utilizing innovative methods and tools that have resulted in safer, easier fabric building installation. His most notable contribution to the fabric building industry is when he created the technology that allowed fabric cladding to be applied to a rigid steel frame.

    Jim Kumpula

    General Manager, Canada

    As General Manager of Legacy Building Solutions Canada, Jim is in charge of business development, global operations, infrastructure implementation and execution. Jim works closely with staff in Canada and the United States to ensure projects are completed to clients’ demands.

    Over the past 25 plus years, Jim has been vested with responsibility for over $5 billion in projects, over 3.5 million square meters of building installation, and staff of up to 1,100. Jim is an innovative leader with a demonstrated ability to recruit, mentor and motivate personnel to achieve corporate objectives while creating a cohesive team environment.

      Troy Jurek

      Operations Manager

      Troy Jurek has over seven years of experience in the fabric building industry. Prior to joining the Legacy team, Troy worked in the construction retail industry.

      As Operations Manager, Troy oversees the team responsible for millions of dollars in fabric building sales annually. Troy also manages the bid and estimate process for Legacy, ensuring that the information presented to potential clients is accurate and complete.

        Dwayne Moench

        Senior Structural Engineer

        Dwayne Moench is licensed in 25 states and five Canadian provinces. Dwayne maintains an NCEES record, as well as memberships in ASCE, APEGA and APEGBC. Dwayne has a B.S. in civil engineering from the University of Minnesota and experience with RISA 2-D, 3-D, AutoCAD LT 2014 technology.

        Dwayne is vested with the responsibility of providing engineering analysis, technical expertise, detailing and customization of fabric membrane structures, as well as design and drafting of foundations and retro-fits of existing structures that no longer meet today’s codes.

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