Get More From Your Bulk Storage Building

Bulk fertilizer and commodity storage may seem like a relatively simple business: increase capacity as much as possible while keeping the per-bushel storage cost low. But of course things are rarely that simple. Bulk storage buildings must also account for safety, climate and product handling. Adding architectural features and accessories to a flat grain storage ...

Advantages of Legacy Fabric Structures for Military Use

Legacy Building Solutions provides soft wall shelters for military, expeditionary and MILCON applications worldwide. Our team has provided temporary and permanent fabric shelters for military aircraft hangars, open-ended cold storage buildings and aerospace storage.  Engineered, not pre-engineered: All Legacy shelters are engineered for military customers’ exact location, application and size requirements. Using the highest-quality fabrics ...

Why Choose Fabric Structures Over Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings?

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) are growing in popularity because of the benefits they offer compared to traditional construction: reduced construction time, customizability and energy efficiency. PEMB do retain these advantages against traditional steel building construction. However, fabric structures take these advantages to another level – where PEMB can’t compete. Engineered, Not Pre-Engineered Pre-engineered metal buildings ...

3 Critical Factors in Fabric Structure Construction

Fabric structures, like any construction project, are a major undertaking. Before committing money, time and property, make sure you are making the most of your investment. This blog post introduces three critical factors that will help you choose a high-quality fabric structure. For more detailed information, download a free white paper today. Fabric Choice One ...

Top 3 Advantages of Fabric Structures for Warehouse and Light Industrial Work

There may have been a time when warehouses were just simple, boxy structures. Today’s warehouses have to be so much more. At a minimum, warehouses and industrial storage buildings must meet safety standards and building code requirements. Effective warehouses include streamlined design with clear aisles and racking to reduce operational friction and storage costs.   ...

Fabric Structures: Entertainment Venues that Save Money

Custom fabric structures create the best environment for gaming and entertainment venues. Unlike the fabric buildings of the past, Legacy buildings are engineered to include climate control systems, light shows, stages and mezzanines – with less air leakage and better acoustics. Legacy buildings for casinos and entertainment venues are fully insulated and contain a premium ...

Advantages of Fabric Structures for Bulk Material Handling

Bulk material handling is a competitive business. Owners and operators are tasked with providing low-cost storage plus high-efficiency handling and loading. Count in uncontrollable factors like poor weather and unreliable delivery and transportation systems, and it’s increasingly important to control costs whenever possible. Adding a fabric structure for dry bulk storage can increase operational efficiency ...
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