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Legacy Buildings as Off the Grid Fabric Buildings

  • Environmentally friendly. Off grid buildings use renewable energy sources, including solar, wind and geothermal, to power the systems inside the building, with generators for back up if needed.
  • Save money. Off the grid buildings have lower ongoing costs utilizing sun, wind power and advanced battery storage systems. Government grants for green power may also be available.
  • Consistent power source. Especially in remote areas, the convenience of having a consistent onsite power source greatly reduces the need to transport traditional fuels.

Environmentally Friendly Fabric Buildings

Legacy Building Solutions advantages for sustainable buildings:

  • Engineered roof load. Legacy uses rigid steel frames and proven design principles to meet or exceed applicable load requirements of the solar panels and required racking, including straight I-beams running parallel to the solar panel to reduce uplift beneath the solar panel.
  • Flexible design. Experienced engineers match the roof design and pitch to meet recommended solar panel angles and concentration needed to maximize sunlight.
  • Energy efficient. Fabric buildings retain the inside temperatures. The flexible fabric cladding and batten insulation preserves the R-value, preventing air leakage and thermal conductivity and reducing the energy needed to heat or cool the building.

Additional Sustainable Benefits of Fabric Structures

  • Fabric structures have a low carbon footprint for enhanced LEED points.
  • Fabric panels reduce construction waste onsite and during manufacturing.
  • Fabric panels are lighter weight than traditional materials, lowering shipping costs.
  • Fabric covers are recyclable at the end of the building’s lifespan.
  • The steel framing members are made of recycled steel.
  • Fabric structures keep harmful materials contained under cover, preventing leaching into the surrounding area.

Legacy is the leader in constructing off the grid, eco-friendly fabric structures.


Our Projects

  • bulk-fertilizer-storage-distribution-flat
  • Fabric building for DDE feed storage in Rose Hill, North Carolina
  • Flat storage building for frac sand and proppant in El Reno, Oklahoma
  • ADM Camanche fertilizer blending building, Camanche, Iowa
  • dhl-storage-fabric-structure
  • Heavy equipment storage and assembly
  • Shelburne Transload
  • salt storage fabric building
  • fabric structure with lean-to
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