Fabric Structure Q&A

Are fabric structures susceptible to vandalism?
Fabric structures are no more susceptible to vandalism than other buildings. For areas requiring extra security, wall claddings such as steel or concrete can be used to create an impenetrable barrier. For any application, adding motion detectors and security systems will make a fabric building as secure as any building with windows.

Can’t I just buy a fabric tent building at a hardware store?
Yes and no. Yes, you can buy a simple fabric structure on a hoop frame at a hardware store. And those buildings are great for simple applications such as personal equipment storage. But a custom engineered fabric structure on a rigid steel frame that is designed specifically around your specifications? You can’t find that at a hardware store.

What are the acoustics like inside a fabric building?
Many large industrial buildings struggle with sound deadening – and a common solution is to put fabric on the walls. With a fabric building, there’s no need to add fabric to absorb sound. The soft fabric membrane will absorb sounds and squeaks, making it easier to hear and focus inside the building.

Can I attach my fabric building to an existing structure?
Fabric structures can be attached to existing buildings with a sealed corridor, or the building can be directly attached to another structure.

Who installs the building?
In most cases, our experienced installation crew will travel to your location to install the building.

I have an existing foundation. Can I use that for my fabric structure?
In many cases, yes. All fabric structures in use for more than a few days require a permanent foundation designed to support the structure, however existing foundations can often be used.

How does the cost compare to traditional buildings?
As our CEO often says, the material costs for fabric and metal structures are usually comparable. However, fabric building installation takes about one-third the time of metal building installation, and the costs are correspondingly lower.

When comparing the total cost of ownership, fabric buildings have the advantage because of the decreased lighting cost as well as the longer life cycle of fabric buildings in a corrosive environment.

Are fabric structures suitable for office and retail buildings?
While many of our customers use their building for industrial storage, an insulated fabric structure is a comfortable environment for year-round work. Our office and manufacturing plant in South Haven, Minnesota, is inside a fabric building.

Can I grow natural turf inside my fabric structure?
While PE and PVC fabric allow soft natural light inside, Legacy buildings are not adequate for greenhouses or growing natural turf.

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