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Fabric Building Design for Aviation & Hangar Services

Legacy Building Solutions constructs fabric aircraft hangars. This unique hybrid building system results in the benefits of a lightweight, translucent fabric roof with the strength of a steel frame system.

Each design-built structure is built to resist multiple loads simultaneously – including dynamic door loads, live and dead gravity loads, and seismic, wind and snow loads. Our buildings are created using the same rigid frame technology as steel hangars, but with the added advantage of natural light available only with fabric cladding.

Besides the loads listed above, we engineer clear span hangars to accommodate HVAC systems as needed, wet or chemical fire suppression systems and sprinklers, smoke curtains and other accessories needed to meet safety requirements or your own preferences. Optional flame retardant fabric, which smothers the flame rather than feeding it, provides added safety if a fire occurs.

Large steel frame portals make it possible to construct a clear span hangar over 300 feet wide, with over 50,000 square feet of open space. All three building dimensions are fully customizable, including side wall and peak clearance, allowing fabric hangars to meet any vertical stabilizer or wingtip clearance requirements.

Aviation Fabric Structures

Fabric aircraft hangars are easily accessible. Bi-fold doors, bottom rolling doors, hydraulic doors and fabric doors can be installed. Alternatively for even more maneuverability, leave one end wall open. Legacy’s unique ability to accommodate door loads provides options like never before.

Fabric-cladded airplane hangars can be constructed in about half the time as traditional steel buildings. As airport operations change, fabric structures can be relocated, expanded or reduced as needed. Lightweight fabric is inexpensive to ship. When the building is reassembled, there’s no danger of moisture leaking in through protrusions drilled into the building and not used in the reassembly.

Safety always comes first with Legacy. Our aerospace structures meet NFPA 409 standards for safety, and other safety standards that may be required in your area. We meet or exceed the standards required for Group I, II, III and IV aircraft hangars.

Tension membrane hangars are also low-maintenance structures. After Legacy crews complete installation, only minimal maintenance is needed – and it can all be done from the ground with no special tools. The hot dip galvanized (HDG) frame and properly tensioned fabric will last for years, giving you more time to focus on maintaining your aircraft instead of your hangar.

Clear span fabric structures can be more than aviation hangars – other aviation uses include large area maintenance shelters (LAMS), MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) facilities, TechOps buildings, warehousing, and storage space, air cargo facilities, terminals and walkways. A variety of fabric color options and the ability to add text or logos to the fabric allows your fabric structures to seamlessly blend in with existing airport operations.

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