• Fabric feedlot structure with adjustable sidewall curtains for environmental control.

Fabric Cattle & Livestock Buildings

Break out of the hoop – we have combined fabric covers with time-tested rigid steel frames to create buildings perfect for cattle or agricultural usage.

The unique shape and flexibility of Legacy fabric buildings allows for maximum ventilation. Ridge vents, eave vents, large sidewall curtains, open end walls and partial sidewalls are all available. Constant airflow creates a productive environment with low animal stress and fewer zero-gain days.

Every building is design-built to your standards, resulting in maximum usability. Custom length and width allows for the maximum interior space without increasing the building footprint. Tall eaves allow equipment to pass under safely while diverting water away from the bed pack and feed.

Unlike steel, fabric is a non-conductive building material. A fabric building will better retain the inside temperature without magnifying the outside conditions. Inside the building is a pleasant, bright but protected environment that’s naturally several degrees cooler than hot outside temperatures.

Fabric cattle buildings can be installed over standing bunks and feed aprons, on existing facilities, and even on sites with a differential in grades. Our engineered solutions meet all USDA/NRCS/EQIP standards. If you have an existing foundation on your property, we may use it for your fabric building.

Customization means more than the perfect size. Feed troughs, slatted floors, a control alley and more maximize the efficiency of your operation. A clear span design is available, or add interior columns.

Custom engineered fabric buildings are designed to withstand accidental impact from a front-end loader or skid steer, and weather conditions. We design to meet or exceed snow load and wind load codes in your area. Sturdy steel and a solid foundation mean your building will last for years to come.

Fabric Building Use on a Farm

Combining fabric with a rigid steel frame creates maximum versatility. There are many ways to use fabric buildings on the farm:

  • Beef feedlot
  • Calf finishing
  • Hay storage
  • Grain storage
  • Fertilizer storage
  • Equipment storage facility
  • Cattle barns
  • Livestock operations

No matter the size of your cattle operation, a design-built barn from Legacy Building Solutions will increase your efficiency and your ROI. A more pleasant interior means happy cattle, free of the stresses of too hot or too cramped conditions.

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