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Entertainment & Concert Venue Fabric Building

Legacy fabric structures have the qualities needed for casino, gaming and entertainment buildings and expansions, including concert venues, trade show halls and gaming floors.

Each structure is fully customizable. Mezzanine levels add additional square footage for VIP rooms, administration, security or storage without taking away from the gaming area. Restrooms along with mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems can be placed where needed. Sealed connections or corridors connect to existing structures. Insulation and liners make the structure comfortable all year-round. And that’s just some of the options.

Fabric Structures with a Better Environment

Insulated fabric structures use a PVC or PE fabric liner on the building’s interior. The liner is available in a variety of colors and provides a clean backdrop for events and lighting. The soft liner absorbs sound and reverberation, creating higher-quality acoustics for music and your sound system. Outside noises and sounds created by mechanical systems are absorbed within the insulation and liner, drastically lowering volume outside while providing crisp, high-quality acoustics inside.

Fabric liners also better seal around openings and apertures, creating an air-tight, energy-efficient environment and tighter control of the interior climate using your own heating, cooling and pressurization systems.

Code-Compliant Fabric Structures

Safety is the top priority for high-occupancy venues. The rigid steel frame used in all Legacy buildings is designed using the same proven engineering software and regulations as traditional buildings. Each building is custom engineered to meet or exceed local building codes including environmental factors including snow and wind load. In addition, the weight of additional MEP systems, heavy lighting loads, raised mezzanines or stages are accounted for in the solid steel frame.

Start-to-Finish Fabric Structure Construction

With expedited construction (up to three times faster than traditional buildings), available construction management and in-house design and construction, your Legacy building will be ready for occupancy weeks sooner. Maximize revenue by opening earlier while still adhering to all the demands of your project specification.

Unlimited Entertainment Options

The clearspan design and flexible construction options of a Legacy building offer more options for adapting entertainment venues for events including concerts, comedy shows, trade shows, weddings, conferences, exhibitions and educational events. Some of Legacy’s entertainment customers include:

Choose Legacy Building Solutions for Fabric Entertainment Venues

Legacy Building Solutions offers design flexibility, a superior environment and expedited construction for all types of entertainment and recreation venues. Whether the fabric structure will stand alone or as part of a larger gaming or entertainment facility, Legacy delivers the quality and customization needed for a world-class venue.

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