Fabric Tent Structures

Rigid Frame Tent Structures

Tent structures consist of a fabric roof supported by steel beams. Uses of tent structures vary widely, from providing a simple shelter for weddings and events, to keeping cattle cool and shaded, to providing a dry area for storage and work.

Choosing a permanent tent structure ensures longevity in any environment. Like all Legacy structures, our fabric awnings are on a solid web beam frame with a foundation. The substructure will withstand updraft and other stresses placed on the building, including earthquakes, snow load and heavy precipitation. The rigid steel frame will also stand up to accidental impact from front-end loaders and other heavy equipment.

The ripstop fabric used in a Legacy tent structure has a polymer coating that protects the inner scrim from UV and heat damage. Hot dipped galvanized steel beams are designed to resist corrosion caused by moisture, salt and other pollutants. The fabric and steel are warrantied to last in even the harshest environment. A Legacy canopy is an investment that is designed to last, no matter the conditions or use.

Tent structures are designed to allow maximum ventilation while protecting everything under the tent. In some environments, particularly in the waste and recycling industries, additional ventilation is available via open ridges, intake-exhaust vents or roof-mounted fans.

Permanent tent structures provide shade and keep the area under the canopy more comfortable in hot weather. The area under the tent can feel up to 20 degrees cooler, providing a healthier environment for cattle and a more comfortable area for working. With a translucent fabric roof, there’s still diffuse natural light inside the structure without the harsh rays that cause sunburns and excessive heat.

Under a tent structure is a dry, protected area for storing materials, particularly in environments when odor is a concern. Fabric roof shelters have long been popular for cattle barns, fairgrounds and event centers, composting, and waste-to-energy and waste-from-energy (WTE/WfE) facilities. With the added stability of a solid steel frame and foundation, the canopy can be repurposed or relocated in the future if needed.

The look of tent structures is also completely customizable. Adding endwall gables and partial sidewalls creates a unique appearance in any environment, as well as provide additional protection from the elements. Mesh panels or endwall vents on the gables maximize the amount of ventilation inside the building.

While some tent structures are designed for very short-term use, a Legacy canopy will give you years of maintenance-free use. Whether your canopy will be used for aircraft storage, hazardous waste treatment, recreation or special events, Legacy will engineer the ideal tent for your situation.

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