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Oil & Gas Buildings

Fabric structures are ideal for any stage in the oil and gas industry production cycle.

Legacy Building Solutions oil and gas structure meets the design load requirements of a rigid steel frame building. It also offers the energy efficiencies, light weight and speed of assembly necessary to be the economic solution for that medium-to-large or tall-and-complex roof system you need.

Each fabric-clad oil and gas structure is customized to the size and shape required by the project. With clear span widths to over 300 feet, vertical sidewalls designed for each application and practically unlimited length, our experienced engineers and building consultants will create the exact building shape to fit your needs.

The straight wall design of each Legacy fabric building means you’ll have more useable square footage without increasing the oil and gas structure footprint. LNG pumping and loading stations including rail enclosures, off-road equipment garages and workshops, tank enclosures – no matter the space available or location of your oil and gas project.

Oil and Gas Fabric Structures

Engineered and designed for each application and site location, our oil and gas fabric buildings are adaptable to all oil and gas industry life-safety and fire suppression requirements. Hanging loads, special lighting, door systems, lightening suppression and ventilation are all available in the rigid frame design.

The claddings on Legacy oil and gas structures are available in polyethylene (PE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) flame retardant (FR) fabrics. Both types of fabric are available in various translucencies for maximum interior daylighting and can be used as interior liners for corrosive environments. Add batten insulation to create energy-efficient heated, moisture-controlled and air-conditioned facilities.

Every Legacy oil and gas structure uses rigid steel frame construction. Each frame is available red or dark gray primer-coated from the mill, hot dip galvanized, painted or powder coated. Designed as permanent structures, a Legacy structure can be expanded, reduced and relocated if required. We also offer full installation services by our employee crews.

Let us show you why Legacy is the timely and efficient solution for your fossil fuel exploration, production, processing and transportation building requirement.

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