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Choose Fabric for the Best Sand & Salt Storage Buildings

For your sand storage and salt storage needs, fabric buildings are the top choice for businesses around the globe to keep their materials safe, maximize business efficiency and maintain low storage costs.

Custom sand and salt storage buildings that are made with fabric eliminate the problems and limitations of other construction. They provide reliability and flexibility, with an array of benefits including:

  • Quality engineering. Fabric buildings can be created to fit any dimension, roof pitch, and peak height and may be shaped uniquely to fit odd-sized lots. Sturdy steel frames are built to withstand anything, including hanging loads such as cranes and even accidental collision from trucks and loaders.
  • Energy efficiency. Fabric sand and salt storage buildings offer translucency to allow an abundance of natural light in, eliminating the need for artificial lighting, even on an overcast day. A fabric interior will reflect interior light, requiring less electric lighting at night. Fabric buildings also stay more than 10 degrees warmer in colder temperatures and almost 20 degrees cooler in warmer temperatures.
  • Corrosion resistance. Fabric buildings are rust- and corrosion-resistant, which makes them an ideal solution for salt and other materials that are harmful to steel. The steel building frame can be hot dip galvanized to prevent corrosion, and, for the ultimate protection, a fabric liner can be added to keep the steel out of contact with salt.

Endless Benefits of Fabric Salt Storage and Sand Storage Buildings

Whether you want to improve current conditions or need a new facility, fabric buildings from Legacy Building Solutions are the best option. Because of the customization options fabric buildings offer, pile heights are optimized and filling time is minimized.

The clear span design provides ample clearance both at the peak and along the sidewalls to allow safe equipment operation throughout the sand storage or salt storage shed interior. Straight sidewalls customized to any height allow trucks to drive and tip anywhere in the building with no wasted space.

Tall peaks allow tipping trucks to maneuver inside without interference. Heavy-duty steel frames can support conveyors for smooth material movement. Whether you use fabric buildings, domes, or sheds for truck, sand, or road salt storage, your operation will run efficiently in a design-build tension fabric structure.

Design-built fabric salt storage domes and sand storage sheds also create greater operational flexibility for winter road clearing. Large clear span area and customizable dimensions allow you to store multiple products, incorporate a separate mix area, add a covered load-out area, and even add truck and equipment enclosures.

Once installed by Legacy’s professional crews, fabric buildings require only minimal maintenance, which can be done from the ground with no special tools. Combined with quick erection times, a salt storage dome or sand storage building spends more time in operation and less time down for maintenance.

Other ways fabric sand storage and salt storage buildings offer advantages include:

  • Strong durability. Fabric sand storage and salt storage buildings offer protection from a variety of extreme weather and environmental conditions, including wind, snow and seismic activity.
  • Relocatability. Fabric structures are engineered to be permanent, but they are easily transportable, saving your business money and increasing flexibility.
  • Quick installation. The convenience of fabric buildings extends to speedy installation. Fabric sand storage and salt storage buildings can be up and running usually within a week of arrival.

When considering a building for sand storage and salt storage, fabric buildings are the ideal choice. They protect your materials, they’re safe places for employees, and they save time and money by increasing operational efficiency.

Choose Legacy Building Solutions for Salt Storage and Sand Storage Needs

Legacy Building Solutions is the number-one trusted provider of fabric sand storage and salt storage buildings. With more than a century of experience in providing the best fabric buildings to a wide variety of clients, we have a reputation for having personalized relationships with the businesses we work with, learning about their unique needs to deliver the best solutions to them.

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