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Solid Steel Framework

Rigid steel is a time-tested framing method popular in all types of building construction. At Legacy Building Solutions, we rely on solid steel beams due to their strength and resistance to corrosion.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Frames

Solid I-beams will not rust from the inside out like the open web trusses used in many fabric buildings. If corrosion were to start forming on the inside of a hollow section, it is impossible to observe until the corrosion starts bubbling through the outside wall. By that time it is difficult to save the steel section. Solid beams are the most corrosion-resistant frames available and the only type of frames on a Legacy building.

All steel beams are made from 55 ksi steel plates welded by certified welders. Once the steel frames are formed, they can be primed gray or red, powder coated any color or hot dip galvanized. Hot dip galvanizing (HDG) is a procedure that binds a protective zinc coating to steel through a metallurgical reaction. Our HDG process meets ASTM A123 standard specifications for protecting steel from corrosion.

Some building companies offer in-line or pre-galvanized steel. While this method is acceptable in many circumstances, there are critical differences in the level of corrosion protection provided. For example, pre-galvanized steel is not protected at welded joints. For the most corrosion-resistant buildings possible, we recommend hot dip galvanized steel.


Our steel-framed buildings use the same reinforcements as non-fabric buildings, including cross bracing/cable bracing and purlins as appropriate. The advantage of our purlins is that they are a closed section, which limits torsion and works better for bending stresses. Our purlins are located at the bottom of the rafter beam, which means our loading is only axial with small bending forces from the flange braces. We can use smaller secondary members because there are no loads imposed on the purlin length from snow or wind loads directly.

Our focus on quality continues to the smallest parts of the frame. We offer bolts with zinc coating, galvanized coating or even stainless steel. Standard cables come galvanized but are also offered in stainless steel.

The end wall framing of our fabric structures is typically designed with hollow structural sections (HSS). HSS members have a high strength-to-weight ratio – another way we ensure our buildings are the strongest available at a reasonable price.

Flange braces are solid steel angles, so no additional cables are needed to support the top flange. Cross bracing uses galvanized cables with turnbuckles, and all assemblies are load tested and designed with factors of safety.

Solid steel I-beams have less depth than open web trusses, taking up less room inside the building. Lower-profile frames combined with our straight side side-wall design results in more useable interior space without increasing the building footprint.

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