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Steel Framed Buildings

All Legacy fabric structures have a solid steel frame made of fabricated I-beams. Frames and secondary members are manufactured onsite using an ISO 9001:2008 certified process.

Steel framing members and small components are manufactured from 55 ksi steel. Depending on the building specifications, the steel utilized is 10-gauge to 1-inch or thicker plates.

Painting and priming is done in-house in the same facility as the fabrication. Paint and primer are available in a variety of colors. For corrosive environments, typically frames are hot dip galvanized for an additional layer of protection. Frames that will be hot dip galvanized are sent to an offsite location for dipping in the zinc baths. The HDG process ensures that all steel is coated with an even layer of zinc so there is no place for corrosion to begin.

Each fabric structure is engineered to code. The steel frame will support the building, applicable environmental loads and hanging loads from doors and collateral equipment.

Fabric Structure Secondary Framing

Traditional secondary framing members, including flange braces, purlins and bracing rods, add strength to the fabric structure. All secondary framing members are available with the same coating options as the frame, creating a universal look and preventing corrosion from starting in a small, inconspicuous area.

Purlins and flange braces are fabricated with steel ranging from 46 to 55 ksi, depending on desired finish. Like the main framing steel, purlins and flange braces are available powder coated or hot dip galvanized. Purlins are installed without smashing the ends to ensure the structural integrity of the purlin. Flange braces are solid steel angle iron, so no cables are needed to support the top flange/cord. All assemblies are load tested.

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