Legacy is committed to providing sustainable fabric structures through our use of green building materials. Our knowledgeable staff can also assist you in obtaining LEED points for the certification for your building.

  • Fabric buildings offer a high solar reflectance (or albedo). This is the most important characteristic of a cool roof as it helps to reflect sunlight and heat away from a building, reducing roof temperatures. A high thermal emittance also plays a role, particularly in climates that are warm and sunny. Together, these properties help roofs to absorb less heat and stay up to 50-60°F (28-33°C) cooler than conventional materials during peak summer weather.
  • Building owners and roofing contractors have used cool architectural fabric products for more than 30 years on commercial and industrial buildings. They may be installed on low-slope roofs (such as the flat or gently sloping roofs typically found on commercial, industrial and office buildings) or the steep-sloped roofs used in many retail buildings.
  • Polyethylene fabrics are considered a low emitting building material.
  • Translucent fabrics provide a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces through the introduction of daylight. Daylighting can also drastically reduce the amount of energy needed to light the fabric structure.
  • Incorporate skylights and solar panels into the building design.

We recognize that in the current business climate that there is an ever increasing demand for recycling services. After an extensive search we have sourced a variety of vendors to assist in prompt collection, transportation, recycling and potential remuneration for many of our recyclable fabric products.

Ask your Custom Building Representative for more information on how to qualify.

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