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Fabric Building Information for Owners

Owners choose Legacy Building Solutions for many reasons: the natural light from fabric buildings, the design-build capabilities allowing you the option of the perfect building, the longevity of a non-corrosive frame, the exclusive warranty we provide, or because you want to work with a company that designs, manufactures and installs their own buildings.

Before you buy, consider how you’ll use the building daily. How much open space do you need? What will you be keeping inside? Will you be using the building year-round? All these factors affect the completed building.

Natural light is one of the most popular advantages of fabric buildings. Sunlight penetrates the fabric on the roof and walls, creating a bright, pleasant interior with no dark or shadowy corners. You may need no artificial lighting on sunny days, and on other days the lighting will be reflected off the building interior to create a bright space.

Design-Build = Customization

Design-build customization ensures the completed building meets your project specs. For instance, we can create a clear span design over 300 feet wide for maximum floor space and maneuverability. If you elect to install hanging equipment from the building frame, we will engineer trusses to support the load. We offer countless ventilation, door and window options to meet your needs. After our consultants and engineers learn more about you, we will design a structure to exceed your expectations.

Bridge cranes, catwalks, sprinklers and conveyors added to the building increase the functionality but also increase the stress on the building frame. Our engineers consider these loads while designing the structure and adjust frames and reinforcements as needed. This allows for years of safe, functional use inside the building.

Inside a fabric building, you’ll enjoy climate-controlled comfort. Add insulation to keep the outside winds and temperature from entering your building. Any HVAC heating and cooling system can be suspended from the building frame. Fans and vents for circulation are available in any size. Alternatively for passive climate control, ridge vents and canopy vents will keep a constant stream of fresh air circulating throughout the structure.

Expansive side wall curtains allow control of the fresh air inside the building. Keep them pulled tight and lock out the weather, or open them wide on nice days to enjoy fresh air and sunlight. Mesh screens inside the curtains provide the benefits of the outside environment without the hassle of bugs.

Canopy extensions direct moisture away from the building, provide a dry walkway next to the building or create a unique look. Any size canopy is available. For even more protection next to the building, add ice breakers to break up large chunks of ice and snow and keep them from striking the ground next to the building.

Some building owners plans include a separate space for parking, storage or office space. We often recommend adding a lean-to to the building. Lean-tos are available completely enclosed or open on three sides. Our design-build capabilities and ability to create offset peaks make Legacy the only fabric building company capable of engineering a structure with a lean-to.

A variety of door options is available depending on your application. Whether you need a Megadoor® to accommodate an airplane, overhead doors to allow equipment in and out, or man doors spaced throughout the structure, they can be added to your custom design. Doors can be installed by our crew, or we can add finished door openings for a local contractor to finish the installation later.

A variety of fabric colors help your building blend in with existing structures or stand out. Both PVC and PE fabric are available in several colors. White, green and sandstone are common choices, along with blue and gray. Or to best represent your brand, add a logo, mascot or symbol to the fabric.

Our service does not stop when the building is up. You’ll be secure knowing your building has a warranty on the fabric and steel. Fabric buildings require only minimal maintenance, which means you’ll work on your building less and enjoy using it for its intended use.

New building construction involves permits, insurance and other red tape. While a permanent structure like ours has the same requirements as other building types, we minimize the hassle with stamped engineered drawings and renderings of your building. We never design a building without considering local codes related to snow load, wind load and seismic load.

Usually the three things you need to get started are land, a plan and a budget. Your building consultant will ask you about these early on and assist you in the buying journey. If you don’t have access to one or more of these, we may not build right away, but we will keep in touch and answer any questions until you are ready. If you are not sure of your design, then look at our list of completed projects for ideas. Or check us out on social media – we love sharing information about our buildings.

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