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Fabric Building Information for Preps

Whether you have an IFQ or RFP, we will assist you in getting what matters, the right structure at the right price.

Legacy frequently appears on bid lists. Legacy perhaps varies from others on the bid list in that we manufacture, sell and install fabric buildings. Our buildings are available in any size and are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

We deal exclusively in custom fabric buildings on a solid steel frame. Our bespoke buildings are most suitable for uses requiring a large clear span or design-built architecture.

Legacy’s installation teams are employees who travel to any area creating a turnkey solution for the bid project’s general contractor. Upon request, we supply materials and instructions for a local crew to erect a building, or send a technical representative to supervise local builders.

Each building is customized to meet or exceed design specifications. If factors such as color, local code requirements or other variables are known, include them in the project specs for the most accurate bid.

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