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Fabric Building Information for Insurance Adjusters

Fabric buildings are solid structures designed to last, but sometimes severe weather, floods, fires or accidents happen. Legacy’s crew is among the most experienced in the industry and able to repair nearly any damage to a fabric building. Whether the building was damaged on its own or part of a larger property claim, we have several options for your policyholder.

Our crew can service, replace, relocate or assess nearly any type of fabric structure. We manufacture our own fabric and have professional crews on the road all year long, allowing us to quickly be at any location for major and minor repairs.

Whether it’s a tear in the fabric, truss damage or a replacement, we’ve seen it all. Legacy is a reliable source for fabric building appraisals, engineering reports, service quotes and replacement. If a building is part of a property or business for sale, we will assess the fair market value of the structure.

We service most brands of fabric buildings. We are especially experienced with Cover-All buildings.

Often fabric buildings are designed for portability. Whether the building must be relocated locally or moved across the country, our crew can tear down the building, move it to the new location and re-erect it. We will advise on the best foundation option at the new site and have the building back up and running efficiently.

There are several options for fabric building repairs. Our experienced crews travel to your location for the most hassle-free option. For some types of repairs, we supply materials and advice to local contractors to do the actual repair. This may save money versus having our staff travel to your site. Or one member of our crew can come  as a technical representative to work with local workers doing this repair. Safety is our priority, and we will never compromise the structure for a cut-rate repair.

Our engineers also do structural reviews of fabric buildings. With some information from you, they assess the safety, structural integrity and code compliance of a new or old structure.

We will also make recommendations for ongoing maintenance of a fabric building. This is especially helpful for policyholders who have recently purchased a building alone or as part of a property or business.

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