Case Study

Commercial Fertilizer
Storage Building

Central Valley Ag Co-operative
Tamora, Nebraska

Central Valley AG - Project Profile Central Valley AG Bulk Fertilizer Storage

The Rundown

This fabric structure on a rigid steel frame replaced an old fabric structure using open web trusses. Legacy Building Solutions customized the new building to use the existing concrete foundation. The interior liner protects the frame from exposure to corrosive fertilizer.

Customer Success

“The building surprises you. In the winter it feels warmer and there’s no wind, and in the summer it feels cooler. It’s more comfortable inside the building almost all the time. I’ve literally never been inside a fertilizer shed that was vented this well. Even during the summer, we don’t have the slimy floors from humidity inside.”

Chuck Peterson | Fertilizer Storage Company

“The old buildings used tubular steel, and no matter what you do, the salt gets inside the tubes and corrodes them. Legacy was very easy to work with. They came out here with their crew, rented all their equipment, and erected the buildings in three weeks flat – a week ahead of schedule. It’s a stand-up company.”

Theo Gatsonis | CM & Sons

Feature Details

  • Building size: 120’ x 480’
  • Hot dip galvanizing rigid steel frame system mounted on existing concrete walls
  • 15 oz. polyethylene non-flame retardant fabric on exterior
  • 12 oz. polyethylene interior fabric liner
  • 2 engineered flat gable end-walls
  • Framed and wrapped fabric openings for free-standing conveyor and catwalk
  • 1.5’ eaves with black mesh ventilation
  • Icebreakers along both both sidewalls
  • Aluminum louvers on endwalls and sidewalls
  • ARV cavity and roof vents
  • 25-year warranty on steel
  • 25lbs snow load, 105 mph windspeed, exposure C, seismic zone B, fully enclosed, S2 low hazard construction, fully exposed
  • Building use: Commercial fertilizer warehouse

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