Fabric Buildings and Industry Benefits

Like any building, fabric buildings can be used for various applications. There are many benefits to constructing a fabric structure rather than one made of more conventional materials. There is the natural brightness of the building, the life expectancy, reduced construction time and relocation options to start.

Let’s take a look at specific uses one might use a fabric structure for and you can decide for yourself why you would choose one.

Mining Industry:  What sets a Legacy fabric building apart is our ability to customize each structure to your exact specifications.  This is a significant benefit for most mining, oil and gas operations.  With our straight sidewall design, as well as the ability to incorporate any size door into the facility to allow large equipment that is commonly used on these job sites to maneuver in and out of the structure with ease, is just one of the needs our fabric buildings fulfill.

Recreational Facilities: One reason fabric buildings are perfect for sports arenas is because of the natural light they provide – minimal electricity will be needed due to the light interior of the fabric, which makes it more of an economical purchase. The fabric cover also provides an atmosphere that won’t create echoes when fans and teammates are cheering loudly because your team wins a close game against your archrival.

Corrosive Materials: If your new building is going to hold corrosive materials such as salt, fertilizer or manure you need to be careful with what building materials you select. Many roofing materials are not ideal for housing these products and will eventually become tarnished because of the corrosive nature. However, the polyethylene material of fabric buildings is virtually unaffected by these corrosive materials.

Riding Arena:  The bright, white, reflective underside of the fabric will not only decrease energy costs, it provides a more desirable indoor climate and allows for a quieter training environment.   The clear span design provides an unobstructed riding area and/or spectator area.

This is a short list of the numerous industries our buildings benefit and examples of why our fabric structures are a perfect building solution.   Give us a call (877-259-1528) or visit our website to learn more about our buildings.