Fabric Buildings Are Nearly Maintenance-Free

One big advantage of fabric buildings is that they require very little maintenance. Many naturally occurring properties of fabric contribute to the need for little maintenance.

  • Fabric will not rust, even in a highly corrosive environment.

Learn more about the strength and retention of ExxoTec™ PVC fabric.  

  • Fabric structures are built without nail holes and other joints, eliminating a common way for water to enter the structure.
  • A fabric roof means no expensive shingles to replace. This can save you hours of maintenance over the life of your building.
  • There’s no need to paint a fabric building, so paint will not fade or chip over time. This keeps your fabric building looking new for many years.
  • In case of accidental collision or natural disaster, Legacy buildings may be repaired by the business owner or by our highly trained installation team.

All Legacy buildings also come with a warranty – even in highly corrosive environments. Ready to get started on a building with low ongoing maintenance costs? Contact us.