Fabric Buildings Are Nearly Maintenance-Free

One big advantage of fabric buildings is that they require very little maintenance. Many naturally occurring properties of fabric contribute to the need for little maintenance.

  • Fabric will not rust, even in a highly corrosive environment. Fabric buildings have the strength of a steel frame, but because the steel is not exposed to the elements it will remain rust-free for years.
  • Fabric structures are built without nail holes and other joints, so there is no way for water to enter the structure. This will keep the building free of mold, and everyone and everything inside the structure will be comfortable and dry. The naturally bright interior of a fabric structure also helps prevent mold growth.
  • The seamless exterior of a fabric structure keeps out more than water – rodents and other pests will have no joints to wiggle into a tension fabric building. If you’ll be storing grain in your building, a special liner can be added for an extra layer of protection.
  • A fabric roof means no expensive shingles to replace. This can save you hours of maintenance over the life of your building.
  • There’s no need to paint a fabric building, so paint will not fade or chip over time. This keeps your fabric building looking new for many years.

Fabric buildings are also made with lightweight materials, so if repairs are needed they will be much cheaper than with traditional building materials. You can purchase a tension fabric building with confidence, knowing that your investment will last for years to come.