Fabric Buildings Resist Rust

Hot dip galvanizing is a process of applying a zinc coating to steel to make the steel even stronger and more resistant to corrosion. Although there are several methods of coating steel, hot dip galvanizing provides the most protection. Building a fabric structure with hot dipped steel provides the highest level of rust protection available.

During hot dip galvanizing, the steel is dipped in zinc for a uniform coating. Once the steel is dipped, no other elements come in contact with the steel, keeping it rust-free and sturdy. Although there are other ways of treating steel, hot dip galvanizing is considered the best, and it’s the preferred steel used in Legacy fabric buildings.

Hot dip galvanizing is just one way Legacy Building Solutions keeps our tension fabric buildings rust free for years. Because each of our structures uses hot dip galvanizing, there’s no way for the steel to corrode from the inside. Solid steel is the base material of choice for all types of buildings, including fabric, wood and steel. Many fabric building companies start with open web steel trusses – which have many small parts exposed to the elements and potential rust.

In fabric buildings, the steel structure can be completely covered with fabric as another layer of protection from salt, sand and water. Because tension fabric structures resist corrosion, they are perfect for use in corrosive environments or to store corrosive materials.

The fabric cover applied to all tension fabric buildings is another way of preventing corrosion. Because there are no seams or nail holes, there’s no place for water to leak in and rust to form.

Fabric buildings built on a frame of hot-dipped steel will resist corrosion and remain beautiful and sturdy for years to come. In fact, your fabric structure will be guaranteed for up to 15 years – a guarantee that simply can’t be matched by other types of structures. And your building will require little to no maintenance for many years. The money that you’ll save in future maintenance is just one more reason to choose a fabric building.