Elements of Fabric Structures

To the consumer, buildings are a singular item – with all the materials plus construction purchased as a unit. To the engineer, it can be helpful to break the building down to the components and then assemble them – carefully considering each element of the building individually and as part of the whole.

This webinar is for the engineer. The elements of a fabric structure – including the frame, cladding and foundation – will be examined in depth. Attendees will leave with concrete knowledge of fabric structures and the engineering principles behind these modern buildings.

You will learn:

  • The materials used in fabric structure construction
  • Architectural features available for fabric buildings
  • Factors that determine the quality and longevity of a fabric building
  • Comparisons between engineered fabric buildings and engineered metal buildings
  • How fabric structures are used for a variety of large-scale applications

Tuesday, May 1, 12:00 pm CDT

Hosted by Civil + Structural Engineer

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