Clearspan fabric structures by Legacy Building Solutions

Clear Span Fabric Buildings

Legacy’s fabric clear span buildings provide versatile storage for all industries. Clearspan design gives our customers greater options for functional, efficient buildings. The solid steel frames and lightweight architectural fabric of a Legacy building combine to create some of the widest clear span buildings in the industry.

Clear span buildings, also know as free span structures, have no interior support columns. They require careful engineering to ensure the beams and walls are able to support the weight of the building’s roof as well as hanging loads (such as conveyors) and additional weight from snow or ice that may accumulate on top of the building.

Building engineers accustomed to designing freespan buildings use FEA software and manual quality checks to create support beams and foundations sturdy enough to withstand the pressure and weight on the structure. While not all builders can create a wide clearspan structure, Legacy has designed fabric structures over 300 feet (91 meters) wide.

Free span buildings adhere to the same safety and building codes as column-supported buildings. The building’s weight, as well as any additional weight placed on the structure, is transferred to the outer walls and foundation – which are properly reinforced to support the entire building. A well-engineered clearspan building will have the same design flexibility as other structures, including the capability to add insulation, large doors, hanging loads and more. Clear span buildings use the same engineering techniques and principles as interior-supported structures; the load from these additional features will be safely supported by the building frame and foundation.

While support columns may decrease the initial cost of construction, the inconvenience of maneuvering around pillars quickly outweighs the cost savings.

Clearspan fabric buildings have more room and more options than structures with columns. With no columns, clear-span buildings have more open floor space and an unobstructed view. This means more room for occupancy, storage and equipment without requiring a larger building.

Clear-span buildings have long been popular for bulk storage and warehouse applications. Without no space wasted on support posts, there is more room to optimize pile heights, add additional storage bays, and maneuver trucks and equipment. And with no columns to dictate the placement of cranes and conveyors, the entire building is custom designed for your operation.

Airplane hangars, aerospace storage and MRO facilities also require the additional space and maneuverability of clear span structures. It’s impossible and to store and maintain aircraft in a building not large enough to accommodate wide wingspans. Sports stadiums also require open floor plans and tall clearances naturally present in clearspan structures.

Inside a clear span building, you are free from worry about equipment colliding with support columns, or from columns rotting or rusting. You have more free space and more free time to manage your business. Legacy buildings combine the benefits of fabric with wide clear span design for durable, efficient buildings custom engineered to suit your needs.

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