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    Our Story

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    Built from Experience

    Revolutionizing the Fabric Building Industry

    Legacy began operations in 2010, but the founders and many of the original employees had 13 years of previous experience installing fabric buildings—manufactured by other companies. The journey began with the notion that fabric buildings could be better, be different and be something that would create excitement with our customers. The look, feel, and structure of fabric buildings were due for a makeover, and we were eager to reimagine the industry's future.

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    The Launch Towards a Legacy

    We realized that rigid steel frames, long used in traditional construction, would give fabric buildings greater design flexibility and strength. Based on this experience, we created a now-patented attachment system for integrating fabric cladding with the steel frame, and the rest is Legacy Building Solutions history.

    Today we specialize in highly custom, large and specialty fabric structures. Our headquarters is in Minnesota; our buildings can be found in most U.S. states and Canadian provinces, as well as countries around the world. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality service along with the best fabric buildings in the industry.

    Why Legacy

    Safer, Higher Quality

    Ben Fox, founder and CEO, wanted to make a better fabric building based on what he had learned while installing other buildings. In particular, he wanted to address the quality and long-term durability of a fabric structure. He also wanted to design a building that looked like a traditional building with clean lines, a crisp exterior, a fantastic interior and an overall beautiful feel. Some changes the company made right away and some advancements came over time through research and development.

    Our buildings are designed around creating safer, higher-quality buildings that align with our customer's objectives through extensive research and development. As a leading tension fabric structure manufacturer, we know the importance of a detail-oriented approach. Every aspect of your building is customized for maximum efficiency.

    Custom Fabric Building Benefits

    • Exclusive ExxoTec™ PVC fabric
    • Customized building sizes for the exact width (to over 300 feet), length and height required for your specific application
    • Clearspan building design
    • Flexibility to apply fabric on the roof and conventional materials (brick, stone, wood, steel, masonry) on the sidewalls
    • Simple incorporation of any number or size of doors along the end wall or sidewall
    • Engineered to handle loads for conveyors, sprinklers, commodities, etc.
    • EpoxxiShield™ Frame finish options from primer to the ultimate in corrosion resistance to hot-dip galvanizing
    • Faster installation times than conventional buildings

    Our Commitment

    Using in-house services, including a professional and experienced installation team, helps us deliver custom-engineered buildings in any location and on tight timelines. Our headquarters is in Minnesota; our structures can be found in most U.S. states and Canadian provinces and countries worldwide. We're dedicated to providing the highest quality service along with the best fabric buildings in the industry.


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    Partnerships Equal Structural Integrity

    Whatever your industry, project, and desired application, the Legacy team of engineers will make your vision a reality. Start your project with the team who will finish strong—like our partnership.