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    Fabric Building Structures

    Fabric Buildings for Equestrian Arenas—It’s All About Loving Your Horse(s)

    Our equestrian clients are a special breed. They absolutely love their horses, and it shows when we talk to them about building a tension fabric riding arena. Everything about our structures—the natural light, the quiet acoustics, the protection from heat and cold—makes your riding arena perfect for your equine friends.

    For our equestrian customers, it’s all about their horses. We get that.

    fabric equestrian arena
    fabric equestrian building

    Our Process

    Design 01

    Whether you have a complete building spec or just an idea in mind, our team will lead you through the design process with expertise and efficiency.

    Engineer 02

    Our in-house engineering team leads the charge on creative solutions that benefit all project stakeholders—namely you.

    Manufacture 03

    Legacy is an end-to-end manufacturer, meaning your project will be built right on site in our 87,000 sq ft facility in St. Cloud, MN.

    Install 04

    Now to the good stuff. Your installation benefits from our safe, effective process in one of two ways—your Legacy rep onsite with local crews or full install services.

    Case Study

    Silver Drache Farms Dressage Arena

    22,000 sq ft Professional Riding Arena | Palm City, FL

    Silver Drache Farm is a private equestrian facility used to train and board dressage horses in Palm City, Florida. The highly trained horses require daily exercise – which is not always possible with an outdoor arena. “The type of training that we do would require us to be in the sun for an extended period of time,” said Andrea Eppley, owner of Silver Drache Farm LLC. “In south Florida that’s just not practical.”

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    Silver Drache Farms Dressage Arena

    Seahorse Run Covered Riding Arena

    20,000 sq ft Covered Riding Arena | Suffolk, VA

    Seahorse Run is an equestrian boarding and training facility that provides a full range of services to riders of all disciplines, including training, clinics, and competitions. As a top class riding facility, Seahorse Run uses specialized footing that allows the horses to perform their best and prevents injuries. Protecting this footing is a high priority for Seahorse Run owner Flynn Gladden. “If you don’t have a cover, the ground is too inconsistent to ride,” said Gladden.

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    Seahorse Run Covered Riding Arena

    Kuka Equestrian Center Riding Arena and Barn

    50,400 sq ft Riding Arena with Attached Barn | Maple Plain, MN

    This combines a barn area with a riding arena, so it does it all. Natural light and horse-friendly acoustics are just two benefits of working with fabric.

    View Case Study
    Kuka Equestrian Center Riding Arena and Barn

    Winnemucca Rodeo and Event Center

    54,400 sq ft Equestrian Event Center | Winnemucca, NV

    This structure provides the advantages of an open air design with protection from the elements for the cattle. An adjustable vent system keeps it dry and cool inside.

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    Winnemucca Rodeo and Event Center


    It's kind of like being outside all the time but still having shade.

    I love the amount of sunlight that you still get through the roof. It stays pretty warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. It͛s very quiet inside. When you get rain or hail or wind, there's no banging or clanging, no sharp or rough sounds. The acoustics are good. It's fresh and dry and clean. You don't ever have condensation dripping off the roof. It's a controlled environment, yet you still get the benefit of the daylight coming in.

    Joel Marr

    Amazing amount of light.

    You stand inside and have this amazing amount of light. It’s hard for me to imagine that anyone would want to have a metal roof over them.

    Lynda Krogh Highland Farms

    Their mission is customer service.

    My family owned and operated Kuka Equestrian Center LLC. From the get-go, Legacy Building Solutions has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Their mission is customer service. If you have any questions, you don't get the runaround and someone is on it right away, and they stay in communication with you. If you are in need of a building, look to Legacy Building Solutions and let them put together the perfect building for you.

    Mike Kuka
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