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    Build Your Legacy

    tension fabric tennis facility
    two-stepped frames on tension fabric buildings

    Your options are almost limitless with a tension fabric structure from Legacy Building Solutions. We can help you build your dream to your exact specifications. With rigid steel framing, the choice of advanced ExxoTec™ fabric, and our patented fabric-attachment system your building will go up faster, reduce long-term maintenance costs, and provide an overall better atmosphere than a similar steel structure.

    These building options will help you understand what is possible with a Legacy ExxoTec building. However, don’t feel constrained to just your options listed here. Your building will be 100% custom-designed to your exact needs–just tell us what those are.

    Read below about some of the key building elements that will be custom designed for your building:

    • Industries We Serve
    • Dimensions
    • Building Enclosure Options
    • Equipment and Interior Design Options
    • Building Cladding and Frame
    • Select Your Color
    • Building Insulation Options
    • Architectural Options



    A free span building is more versatile meaning you get more usable space. Legacy can build to whatever length you need and has constructed buildings with widths over 300 feet (91 meters).

    You are not limited to only a rectangular building. Legacy’s process allows for complete customization of your building’s footprint.

    front of tension fabric warehouse building

    Building Enclosure Options

    Your building will be customized to do exactly what you need it to. That includes how enclosed or open it is. 

    Your building enclosure options:

    • Fully enclosed
    • Open on one end
    • Open on both end 
    • Open on all sides
    • Garage-Style Doors on any side
    tension fabric equine barns in Florida

    Examples of Equipment and
    Interior Design Options

    A Legacy building’s rigid steel frame can support a lot of weight. This gives you more options for installing equipment and interior design. Does your building require any of these?

    • HVAC equipment
    • Cranes
    • Fire suppression system
    • Conveyors 
    • Scoreboards 
    • Stage lights
    • AV equipment
    • Solar panels
    conveyor inside tension fabric fertilizer storage building

    Building Cladding and Frame

    You have options for the fabric cladding of your building. The industry standard is 12oz. polyethylene. Legacy’s standard is our proprietary ExxoTec™ which is tougher and withstands UV rays better. ExxoTec™ is available in two weights. 

    • ExxoTec™ Pro 19oz.
    • ExxoTec™ Elite 28oz
    Vulpes. Cladding 2 - 1140x440

    Start Discussing Your Building's Design

    We can help guide you through the entire process.

    Select Your Color

    You can customize your cladding with designs, logos, and wording. Both weights of the ExxoTec™ are available in five standard colors, and others are available. Standard primary building colors:

    • White
    • Navy Blue
    • Green
    • Tan
    • Gray

    The rigid steel frame of your building can be coated to make it more durable and protect it against corrosive environments. Your options are hot-dipped galvanized or EpoxxiShield™, a proprietary epoxy coating that offers better protection in harsher environments. 

    • Hot-dipped galvanized
    • EpoxxiShield™
    custom fabric design on tension fabric community center

    Building Insulation Options

    Legacy’s tension fabrics are thermally non-conductive. This helps buildings stay warmer in cold weather and cooler in hot weather. Insulation or an interior liner are both easy options to add if you need them though. 
    insulated fabric building with two overhead doors

    Architectural Options

    The architectural options for your Legacy Building are almost limitless. Features you want to make sure get incorporated into your building.

    • Mezzanines
    • Windows
    • Exterior facades
    • Special colors or logos
    • Other
    tension fabric fieldhouse with custom signage and graphics


    Working with Building Experts

    We not only design, manufacture, deliver, and install custom-made buildings, but we will help guide you through the planning, approval, and building process. We know how to make a proposed project go from ideation to ribbon cutting, and we know that every industry has unique needs, planning processes, and stakeholders. Get in touch with our team to learn how you can start building your legacy.