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    Fabric Building Structures

    Fabric Buildings for Mining—It’s All About Your Operations

    Legacy’s mining projects are truly global in scope. We’ve helped mining organizations throughout the western hemisphere streamline their operations and store their valuable commodities. Fabric buildings are a good match for mining operations because owners need a structure that is durable, that can be installed quickly, that comes with corrosion protection, and that addresses their specific needs. We offer structures for all four phases of a mine’s operation: Initial exploration, operation and processing, transportation and logistics, and maintenance and expansion.

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    fabric mining building in Chile

    Our Process

    Design 01

    Whether you have a complete building spec or just an idea in mind, our team will lead you through the design process with expertise and efficiency.

    Engineer 02

    Our in-house engineering team leads the charge on creative solutions that benefit all project stakeholders—namely you.

    Manufacture 03

    Legacy is an end-to-end manufacturer, meaning your project will be built right on site in our 87,000 sq ft facility in St. Cloud, MN.

    Install 04

    Now to the good stuff. Your installation benefits from our safe, effective process in one of two ways—your Legacy rep onsite with local crews or full install services.

    Case Study

    Frac Sand Storage Building

    57,600 sq ft Frac Sand Storage and Distribution Building | Wembley, AB

    When working with frac sand, you need more than storage. You need a building that works with your operations to load, unload and store your materials. And you probably need something, like this, that’s big.

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    Frac Sand Storage Building

    Los Bronces Temporary Truck Shop

    5,412 sq ft CAT 795F Truck Maintenance Shop | Santiago, Chile

    Need a truck maintenance shop on top of a mountain in the Andes? We can do that. This building is engineered to withstand some of the toughest weather on the planet.

    View Case Study
    Los Bronces Temporary Truck Shop

    Mining Truck Shop and Maintenance Building

    10,241 sq ft Vehicle Maintenance Building | Antofagasta, Chile

    Big truck storage is our specialty. Our frames can handle big doors for mining trucks, and our customization can create a building that adapts and fits in with your current operations.

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    Mining Truck Shop and Maintenance Building

    Lyons Salt Company Salt Mine Storage

    48,600 sq ft Salt Mining Storage Building | Lyons, Kansas

    Lyons Salt Company is a Kansas-based company that mines and produces deicing salt and agricultural feed salt products. Because Kansas law requires salt to be kept under cover, they use flat storage buildings to store equipment and bulk salt. Lyons had a fabric structure on an open web truss system that was severely corroded due to fine dust particles settling on the exposed hollow tube trusses. Lyons specified a fabric structure for the new enclosure – metal buildings corrode too quickly when exposed to massive quantities of salt, and wood buildings are too expensive to be cost effective.

    View Case Study
    Lyons Salt Company Salt Mine Storage

    BBE Hydro Vehicle Maintenance and Warehouse Buildings

    30,800 sq ft Vehicle Maintenance and Warehouse Buildings | Thompson, MB

    Vehicle maintenance for a hydro electric plant in Manitoba needs to be two things: big and warm. We delivered both. This structure also has a twin next door which serves as a warehouse.

    View Case Study
    BBE Hydro Vehicle Maintenance and Warehouse Buildings


    We had a great working relationship with Legacy

    A lot of the temporary structures in the region are fabric structures, so we mainly looked at those types of buildings. Due to the overall project timeline, the buildings had to be constructed in the dead of winter. We had a great working relationship with Legacy throughout the entire process. They supply a very high quality fabric structure, and we're certainly pleased with what we've seen from the buildings thus far.

    John Lehman BBE Hydro Constructors

    We were very impressed by their engineering team.

    By today's standards, the buildings we're designing are of world-class caliber in the U.S. and Canada. Legacy offered several features that put them at the top of the list. They are unique among fabric buildings in that they build on a rigid steel frame. Everything looked good, from the eave and ridge ventilation system to the method for installing fabric panels. Combined with material delivery times and the time to construct, Legacy seemed like the perfect choice for our application. "The whole design is very efficient for our operations. Flexibility is key, especially when the building is a 'first of its kind' for the industry. We had one design change after the whole plan was in place, to widen our trapeze in the structure that supports the conveyor, and Legacy was able to make that change without any problem. The conveyor system fits and operates just as it was designed. "Legacy knew our schedule and saved us over 30 days of downtime. They stood the frames for the entire fabric structure in a single day, and everything - conveyors, electrical, fabric - was completed within five weeks of them coming to the site. It was a Herculean effort on Legacy's part. It was fantastic. They have a very passionate team, from top to bottom. In all respects, from design to pricing to production, Legacy is one of the best building contractors I've ever worked with. I look forward to working with them again.

    Mike Miller Source Energy Services

    Legacy pricing is very compatible to your competitors.

    We needed something that would withstand the corrosive environment better than our current building. What first drew us to Legacy was the concept of the rigid steel frame with fabric. We feel the rigid frame will give us many more years of service than the open web structures. Legacy's attention to detail, answering of endless questions that we had and prompt response to those questions also played a role in our decision to go with Legacy. And because so many details were ironed out in the beginning we built a very good building with very few modifications to the scope during the building process. We felt you could deliver on what you were proposing. Another plus for going with Legacy was the fact you had crews who were MSHA trained and you already had an MSHA Contractor ID. Your crew worked efficiently and safely. Once we were assured the liner cavity could be vented properly, the liner option seems to be a great add on for our environment. It is very obvious this will help in reduction of dust resting on the trusses. We liked the fact this building could be built with no cables. Instead, we used hot dipped galvanized steel rods. We are very proud to have partnered with Legacy to construct our Salt Containment Structure. We feel we now have a long term solution to our salt storage needs, a building that will be around for a long time to come.

    Stephanie Murphy Lyons
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    Whatever your industry, project, and desired application, the Legacy team of engineers will make your vision a reality. Start your project with the team who will finish strong—like our partnership.