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Fabric Sports Buildings & Sports Complex Design


From track and field to tennis and arena football, from recreational sporting events to collegiate and professional sports, Legacy Building Solutions is the top provider in fabric sports buildings for a wide variety of athletic events. Odd-shaped lot? Out-of-the-box design? No problem.

Our fabric athletics facilities are customizable, fitting exactly the sport and audience you need for successful events or training facilities. If you can dream it, we can create it with our innovative sports complex design.

Indoor sports facilities from Legacy Building Solutions provide a superior environment for indoor athletic events. Plus, we offer rapid installation to maximize revenue. You can be up and running within a few weeks of the fabric structure arrival. Fabric sports buildings from Legacy Building Solutions are ideal for sports competitions and a variety of other events, including tournaments, clinics, recognition banquets, private lessons and camps. Fabric athletic facilities are ready for any event, any time.

Indoor Sports Facilities With More Square Footage

Legacy Building Solutions structures mean more room for play, practice, pro shops, spectators and changing rooms. Our rigid steel frame and clear span design increase square footage by adding a mezzanine or expanding the width to 300 feet or more.

The frame supports scoreboards, divider nets, heavy lighting loads and other equipment you need to keep off the playing surface. Customization also means taller eave height and interior clearance, so every aspect of the building’s sports complex design meets official standards for unobstructed play.

Play Better in Fabric Athletics Facilities

Legacy Building Solutions fabric sports buildings create a controlled environment with ideal lighting and sound control. Enjoy year-round comfort in a fully insulated environment designed with full HVAC and ventilation systems.

Magnify available lighting and minimize glare with a bright white liner that increases visibility in all corners of the building. Enjoy the sound-absorbing benefit of the puncture-resistant PE or PVC fabric.

Customize Fabric Sports Buildings to Blend In or Stand Out

Create an impressive appearance inside and outside with team colors, logos or mascot graphics. Choose custom playing fields and turf to specialize in one sport, or install multi-purpose flooring to maximize future options and revenue.

Customize the outside with glazing walls, masonry, or steel façades, fabric wings, canopies and skylights. Add eaves, gutters, and downspouts to provide a unique look and protect the area and landscaping around the building.

Fully Indoor Sports Facilities

Legacy Building Solutions designs each sports center to meet the governing standards set for recreational, collegiate, or professional play, plus the demands of local building regulations including wind, snow, seismic, occupancy, accessibility and energy codes. The building is energy-efficient, strong and durable.

Fabric Sports Buildings Examples

Legacy Building Solutions fabric athletic facilities structures have been used for a variety of sports centers worldwide. We’ve worked with some of the top sports organizations in the world to provide fabric athletics facilities, including:

For sports requirements big and small, for permanent facilities to temporary venues, Legacy Building Solutions creates the best sports sites for any type of events.

Choose Legacy Building Solutions for Fabric Sports Buildings

At Legacy Building Solutions, we’re passionate about delivering high-quality custom fabric athletics facilities products for the clients we work with. We love delving into all the intricate needs of each building and producing the most cost-efficient venue to keep everyone who walks through the doors happy. Indoor sports facilities by Legacy Building Solutions are venues people look forward to spending time in.

If you decide a fabric building from Legacy Building Solutions is right for your athletics, we’ll work extensively to learn the unique needs of your events and what you want out of the building. We’ll make cost-effective recommendations for a structure that is safe and fulfills all your requirements.

You can get a free custom quote today by filling out this form. Or, contact us online here, and we’ll be in touch, or give us a call at 877-259-1528. Everyone’s a winner when you work with Legacy Building Solutions

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