Fabric Building Foundations

Several structure foundation installation options are available to give users flexibility based on the site and the potential needed to relocate a building at a later date. Some companies claim that their buildings can use a reduced foundation or no foundation at all. Make no mistake – a properly engineered fabric building that is intended to remain in one location for more than a few days requires a foundation.

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Foundation options that require minimal soil disturbance:

  • Helical anchors
  • Micropiles
  • Earth anchors

Precast Concrete

In some instances precast panels and ballast blocks may be used as non-penetrative foundations. Separate precast panels can also serve as the basis for storage bays.

Cast-In-Place Concrete

Cast-in-place concrete is the most common foundation type. Typical foundations include poured reinforced piers, poured walls and thickened edge slabs.

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