Cattle and Finishing Building


    The Rundown

    This cattle finishing building uses a cow curtain along one side to control the environment. The open ridge vent exhausts warm, moist air out the top of the building without restriction.

    Feature Details

    • Building size: 60 ft x 240 ft with one endwall
    • Straight sidewalls with a 6-ft-wide overhang on both sides
    • Adjustable ridge vent
    • 12-ft 6-in sidewall clearance; 30 feet tall at the peak
    • Adjustable curtains installed along one sidewall
    • Designed for 90 mph winds and 25 lb snow load
    • Building use: Cows/Calves and Finishing


    Livestock Farming


    14,400 sq ft


    Odell, IL



    It's kind of like being outside all the time but still having shade.

    I love the amount of sunlight that you still get through the roof. It stays pretty warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. It͛s very quiet inside. When you get rain or hail or wind, there's no banging or clanging, no sharp or rough sounds. The acoustics are good. It's fresh and dry and clean. You don't ever have condensation dripping off the roof. It's a controlled environment, yet you still get the benefit of the daylight coming in.

    Joel Marr

    Their mission is customer service.

    My family owned and operated Kuka Equestrian Center LLC. From the get-go, Legacy Building Solutions has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Their mission is customer service. If you have any questions, you don't get the runaround and someone is on it right away, and they stay in communication with you. If you are in need of a building, look to Legacy Building Solutions and let them put together the perfect building for you.

    Mike Kuka

    Amazing amount of light.

    You stand inside and have this amazing amount of light. It’s hard for me to imagine that anyone would want to have a metal roof over them.

    Lynda Krogh Highland Farms
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