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fabric mining shelter

5 Ways to Improve Mining Operations Efficiency with Fabric Buildings

Time is money, and that’s especially true in the fast-moving mining industry. Speed and efficiency are the critical differences between turning a profit and simply turning your wheels. Having the right infrastructure in place quickly will allow your team to focus on profit-producing activities immediately. Mining storage facilities, equipment shelters and vehicle maintenance buildings provide Read more…

Fabric building answers

Answers From the Engineer: Fire Safety in Fabric Buildings

In this blog series “Answers from the Engineer”, our panel of fabric structure experts answers questions from industry insiders submitted during recent webinars regarding fabric structures. Today’s questions address fire safety in fabric buildings.  Q. Is the product fire-rated? A. Legacy’s ExxoTec™ PVC fabric meets NFPA 701, California State Fire Marshal and ASTM 84 building code Read more…

soft-sided shelter for military

How Our Fabric Building Installers Shape Modern Military Architecture Worldwide

Fabric buildings are the ideal solution for military applications including ammunition storage facilities, POL and wash-down shelters, national guard logistics buildings and aircraft hangars. The buildings are engineered to withstand heavy use and extreme weather conditions worldwide. Modern military architecture depends on buildings that are safe, long-lasting and efficient. Fabric buildings have several advantages for Read more…

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