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Fabric fertilizer storage building

5 Ways Fabric Fertilizer Building Design & Construction Drives Profits

Feeding a hungry world requires plenty of fertilizer to prepare the soil, feed the plants and increase the crop yield. When it comes to mixing, storing and distributing bulk fertilizer, there are no better fertilizer storage facilities than the structures from Legacy Building Solutions. Rapid Installation of Fertilizer Storage Buildings Fabric panels are installed up Read more…

Salt mine building

Fabric Liners: The Best Way to Prevent Corrosion in Storage Buildings

Corrosion is the deterioration of metal caused by the reaction of metal within the environment. Corrosion naturally occurs anywhere metal is in contact with humidity, sea air, chemicals, fertilizers, road salt and more. Corrosion causes metal buildings to become ugly and unsafe, and can damage stored materials — especially when the buildings are exposed to corrosive Read more…

Fabric cattle barn

Why Legacy Buildings for Covered Feed Bunks and Cattle

Break out of the hoop! Fabric structures by Legacy Building Solutions provide the best environment for cattle. Minimize stress on the herd with a cattle barn that is: Cooler inside Dry Protected from corrosion Flexible and roomy Economical Cooler Inside Fabric has naturally non-conductive properties, which keep the inside of the building cooler on hot, Read more…

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