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The Legacy Advantage

From our Experienced Global Team

  • Design-Build, EPC, Full Construction Project Delivery
  • Rapid Installation 3X Faster Than Conventional Delivery
  • Relocatable; Construct as Permanent Then Move if Required
  • Optimized Footprint with Hanging Loads, Extra-Tall Heights
  • Fully Customizable to Maximize Investment and Space
  • Experienced In-house Engineering and Installation Teams
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Legacy Building Solutions designs, manufactures and installs tension fabric buildings on an innovative rigid steel frame. The unique fabric attachment process allows Legacy to design and manufacture membrane structures with a multitude of features and accessories for any application. The engineering behind the rigid frame design has been refined and proven for decades. Combining solid steel with fabric results in high-quality, corrosion-resistant structures that are safer, warrantied, and outperform hollow tube truss systems.

Legacy’s mission is a simple one: “Innovation above fabric. Service above all.” We strive to be the best building company around. And we know that depends on our product, our service and our integrity.

Each manufactured fabric building is supported with a time-tested I-beam frame, while architectural fabric creates easy daylighting or daylight harvesting – an uninsulated building has up to 12% translucency. Our customers consistently report saving on energy costs, and people and livestock inside the structure enjoy the more natural environment.

Non-conductive building materials allows your tension fabric building to better maintain a comfortable inside atmosphere year-round. The interiors of these energy-efficient structures are up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer and about 10 degrees warmer in the winter, even before the addition of HVAC systems or insulation.

Clear span fabric structures offer improved corrosion resistance. Solid web I-beams have less surface area exposed to the elements than hollow-tube web truss systems, which are vulnerable to rust formation in the unseen space inside the tube. The steel superstructure, plus all steel members, can be hot dip galvanized for the ultimate corrosion protection. Unlike in-line galvanized or shielded steel, hot dip galvanized steel has a continuous layer of zinc defending the steel substructure from corrosion.

For especially corrosive environments such as fertilizer storage, frac sand storage, mining products storage and wastewater management, adding a secondary or interior fabric liner keeps all steel members out of contact with corrosive elements and materials. An interior liner adds years to the life of the project life of the fabric building.

Our unique attachment system creates a weather-tight seal and a dry, useable building envelope. There are no protrusions to allow moisture in, and no chance of rust eventually eating through the building and causing leaks.

Ventilation options include mesh wall vents, eave vents, open ridges, peak intake/exhaust valves, and more. A ventilated tension fabric building keeps stored materials such as grain or corn dry and cool. Popular ventilation options for cattle barns include open side walls to allow continuous airflow throughout the building. Custom engineering makes any wall configuration open for a dry, healthy environment for your livestock and feedbed.

Legacy’s fabric covered buildings adhere to the same engineering codes ASCE7, ASCE 55-10 and building codes as other types of structures. Some other manufacturers count on the cover to make up for deficiencies in an inferior structural design. At Legacy, we rely on time-tested engineering, purlins and other structural elements to add legitimate strength and stability to our designs.

Our in-house construction crews have worldwide experience installing tension fabric (also known as canvas, membrane, tarp, bubble) buildings. We have partner offices in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Santiago, Chile, Australia and Europe. Call today to discuss how a Legacy structure can be designed for your own custom needs.

Fabric Building Manufacturer, Engineer & Installer

Legacy was the first to engineer custom tension fabric buildings on rigid and solid steel frames. Our structures are used in the U.S. and Canada for a wide variety of applications, including agriculture, athletics, aviation, break-bulk storage, equestrian, military, mining, salt and sand storage, and warehousing. Legacy Buildings have been installed worldwide, including in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Solid steel I-beams allow the construction of larger, wider, taller and safer clear span buildings. Strong steel frames allow hanging loads such as conveyors, catwalks, shelving, cranes, and overhead or oversized doors. Optional hot dip galvanized (HDG) frames prevent oxidation in corrosive environments. For an additional layer of protection, you may consider adding a liner.

Hybrid buildings by Legacy are designed and engineered to meet precise project specifications. Customization and accessories are virtually unlimited. For example, eave extensions direct moisture away from the building and create soffits for passive ventilation. Eaves with icebreakers create a safe, dry corridor near the building. Active and passive ventilation systems, climate control, safety management systems, sprinklers and lightning suppression are just some of the additional features available for your project.

No matter the project’s specifications, the in-house engineers at Legacy can provide a solution. Extra tall ceilings? Jack beam to maximize footprint? Offset peaks? Not a problem!

Legacy’s fabric buildings are far sturdier, longer lasting, and more conventional looking than hoop buildings, Quonset huts, air-supported “bubble” buildings, Cover-All buildings, tensile buildings, sports and salt domes, tarp buildings, tension fabric structures and tents. After observing the weaknesses in other fabric buildings, our innovative team created the first proprietary attachment system that allows fabric membranes to be attached to a rigid steel frame.

Architectural membranes create a naturally bright interior and are non-corrosive. With our quick, efficient construction process, your project may be installed in as little as one week.

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