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Fabric Mining Buildings and Mining Camp Structures

Legacy can design mining buildings for projects that are dependent on application specific design, prompt delivery, quality installation services, technical expertise and strategic partnering.

At Legacy, we pride ourselves on designing custom mining camp buildings for your exact needs. We start every project by listening to the client. From there we design a structure to the exact width, length, sidewall height, peak height and roof pitch you require. Wider, taller and uniquely shaped mining buildings are not a problem. We can design structures with offset peaks, varying column heights, sidewall dormers, lean-to’s, and even mono-slope roofs. Every Legacy tension fabric building system is unique – we have no standard sizes.

Mining Fabric Structures

Processing, including surge pile covers, transfer storage piles, sorting and packaging, infrastructure weather protection, bulk storage and warehousing are a few of the mining camp construction applications for which we can provide engineered solutions.

Operations facilities such as haul truck maintenance, workshops, garages, batch plants and tire shops often require the large door access or tall side-wall requirements that a Legacy Building Solution can provide economically and on time. Custom large equipment openings, multiple doors, side-wall access or open end-walls are all possible with our fabric mining buildings. We can also engineer extended overhangs, connector structures, adjacent accessory rooms, storage bump-outs, overhangs, lean-to’s and various life-safety requirement loads.

The Legacy team features an in-house engineering, drafting and design department that allows us to deliver innovative solutions for your mining application need. We use cutting edge metal building design software to develop our rigid steel frame fabric clad structures. Our building frames are also referred to as three-plate frames, tapered section frames and tapered member frames.

Steel-framed fabric buildings are designed as permanent structures; however, as operations change your Legacy building can be expanded, reduced or relocated as needed. Architectural fabric is a lightweight material that is easy to ship, and experienced crews are able to help relocate your structure as needed.

This design and structural engineering expertise allows Legacy to supply buildings to meet demanding mine site environmental and performance requirements. Wider, taller, unique roof-line shape, high snow and/or wind loads, seismic and ancillary loads – are standard opportunities for our custom, application driven designs. Ancillary equipment loads such as conveyors, cranes, and fire suppression are all viable in a Legacy designed structure. The building’s operational needs are met with choices of the steel frame finish including factory applied primers, hot dipped galvanized, powder coated or specialty coatings.

At Legacy we also design and manufacture our fabric cladding panels and covers, utilizing up to 20-year warranty flame resistant (FR) high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabrics. Our claddings can also be combined with traditional building materials such as metal panels, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), masonry panels and concrete wall systems for architectural or application focused designs.

Design, manufacture, supply and install – worldwide – Legacy Building Solutions for the custom mining camp construction.

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