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3D Design, Fabric Building Repair, Installation and Consultation Services

Legacy leads the industry in custom buildings with our fabric building services. We design, manufacture, sell and service our own buildings. We also work on other brands of fabric buildings.

  • Installation: Our crew has experience installing nearly any type of fabric building. Whether you have a building that’s never been installed or you need to install in a new location, we can help.
  • Replacement Covers: Legacy sells, manufactures and installs replacement polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) covers for fabric buildings.
  • Building Repair: Our crews are available for repairs on all types of fabric buildings.
  • Request Consultation: Legacy is available to insulate, service or repair any type of fabric building. In some instances we may be able to provide an appraisal or engineered prints.

Services on Coverall Buildings

The Legacy team has extensive experience with Coverall buildings. Since Coverall went out of business, our team is able to repair, upgrade and install Coverall buildings, or any manufacturer’s buildings for that matter.

  • Building Recovers: We sell and install replacement covers for Coverall buildings.
  • Engineering Reviews: Our engineering team is able to provide engineering reviews and prints for Coverall buildings.
  • Structural Upgrades: Legacy can assess and upgrade old Coverall structures.
  • Service Work: Our crew is among the most experienced with Coverall buildings. Contact us if your building is damaged for an assessment and possible repair.

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