Customized Fabric Buildings

Fabric building owners today have a variety of needs that must be met. Building designs must be flexible and energy efficient, and the actual construction of a structure must occur in a timely manner. Legacy tension fabric structures incorporate advanced engineering and installation techniques, ensuring you’ll receive the structural look you want and the functionality your application demands.

Why Choose a Fabric Structure or Building - Translucent Roofs

A key benefit of fabric buildings is that they provide natural light. Fabric roofs offer up to 12% translucency to allow natural light to permeate the structure. Direct sunlight offers about 10,000 footcandles of illumination, so even 5% translucency will let approximately 500 footcandles into a building on a sunny day – well above the recommended 75 to 100 footcandle guidelines for maintenance of machinery and other tasks. Most facilities will still need artificial lights for nighttime work, and to provide adequate illumination on stormy or overcast days. During normal daylight hours, however, fabric roofs effectively eliminate the need for artificial lighting, thus reducing your energy costs and makes a building more energy efficient.

Why Choose a Fabric Structure or Building - Durability

Fabric structures are superior to buildings with steel sheeting in several respects, but perhaps none is more important than corrosion resistance. Salt, fertilizer and other corrosive materials have virtually no effect on our polyethylene fabric and hot dip galvanized framework.

Why Choose a Fabric Structure or Building - Controlled Environment

Legacy fabric membrane buildings are weather-tight and designed to maintain a clean and consistent inside environment. Outside temperatures are moderated to keep the interior warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Because no screws or nails penetrate the roof, there are no places for rust to form and no holes that can become leaks. Superior ventilation in our buildings keeps air fresh when housing livestock. Furthermore, the fabric membrane and steel framework can’t be used as homebuilding materials or feedstock by rodents, birds and mold.

Why Choose a Fabric Structure or Building - Flexibility

When a large clear span building with tall overhead clearances is needed, a Legacy fabric structure is an economical solution. From event facilities to recreational buildings to riding arenas, fabric structures provide aesthetic appeal and plenty of space for activities, equipment or an overall open atmosphere. Insulated tension membrane structures take it a step further, delivering excellent acoustical qualities and superior energy efficiency. Fabric buildings can usually be installed on a diverse array of foundations, including screw piles, helicals and precast or cast-in-place concrete. Not all foundations are portable, but every Legacy building is. Although they are engineered to be permanent, our tensioned fabric structures can easily be relocated. This is beneficial anytime a customer knows the building will eventually need to be moved.

Why Choose a Fabric Structure or Building - Economical

Our tension fabric buildings are all designed for specific customers, but that doesn’t keep us from offering aggressive timelines for delivery and installation. Our experienced in-house crews have installed more than 30 million square feet of fabric structures. It takes us about seven days to erect a typical 120-foot by 200-foot building. We aim to exceed your expectations by installing your structure quickly…and properly. We offer a variety of fabric buildings to meet various requirements, but ultimately we only sell buildings that have our full confidence. Cheaper, smaller buildings are available elsewhere on the market. Conversely, we tend to be a lower cost alternative for those seeking wide, clear span structures. Though we know cost plays a role in any decision, our focus isn’t on price, but rather on maintaining our high quality engineering principles to provide our clients with the best value in the industry. We encourage you to visit our Building Video Renderings page to see what sets Legacy’s fabric structures apart. We enjoy the opportunity to meet new customers and earn their trust and are looking forward to working with you to make your building vision a reality.

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