Case Study

Southeast County Landfill

139,750 sq ft Tension Fabric Biosolids Compost Cover

Lithia, Florida

Southeast County Landfill Profile Southeast County Landfill Timelapse

The Rundown 

Southeast County was using a new method to convert biosolids into usable compost, and keeping it out of the sun and rain was key to the process. Legacy created an open air building that allowed them to increase the productivity of the facility. Our engineering made it possible to consolidate it in one large building rather than the three proposed in the early stages of the building process.

Customer Success

“The design was flawless. It was an engineer’s dream as far as getting through the submittal process, which took less than a month. Legacy͛s response time was basically immediate.

There is better clearance with the Legacy buildings. You can drive a loader pretty much right up against the walls and still have room to maneuver. The other structures aren’t built that way. There’s probably about six to eight feet of space on the sides that are not accessible with a loader because the trusses are in the way.

Legacy’s crew was extremely professional. They met all our safety requirements and did an excellent job. They even provided an extensive final completion checklist with pictures of each item. That was very impressive, and it really demonstrated the level of workmanship they expected of themselves.”

Jerry Pinder | Thalle Construction (Lee County)

Feature Details

  • 215 ft x 650 ft (139,750 sq ft)
  • Designed for Florida building code with a wind rating of 140 mph, wind exposure C, seismic A
  • Hot dip galvanized steel frames
  • White ExxoTec™ Elite PVC fabric cladding
  • ARV-2000 roof peak vents for increased air quality and ventilation
  • 17-ft high open walls on all four sides
  • Installed by Legacy crews in approximately 30 days

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