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Solving Problems

Custom fabric buildings solve many common construction problems. Fabric buildings can be constructed to nearly any dimension, roof pitch and peak height. In addition, they can be uniquely shaped to fit creative designs and odd-shaped lots. Combine a fabric structure with existing buildings with a covered canopy, and include offset peaks, varying column heights, sidewall dormers, lean-tos, mono-slope roofs and other unique features. Fabric buildings are engineered to be permanent yet may easily be relocated. Fabric buildings are installed quickly – usually within a week of arrival on-site.

Translucent Means Efficient

Fabric roofs offer up to 12% translucency, allowing for easy daylighting and significantly reducing illumination energy costs. Enough foot-candle illumination is provided during daylight hours to significantly exceed the recommended guideline of 75 to 100 foot-candles. When translucent fabrics are used to introduce daylight, they provide an environmental connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Translucent walls and roofs also eliminate dark and shadowy corners, creating a pleasant indoor environment. Skylights and solar panels can also be incorporated in the design of fabric buildings.

Rust and Corrosion Resistant

Fabric is a naturally non-corrosive material, perfect for harsh environments and storing corrosive elements including salt and fertilizer. Solid web beams and all steel members including bolts can be hot dip galvanized to prevent corrosion. A fabric roof is also installed without penetrations, keeping moisture from leaking into the structure. For extra protection against corrosion, add a fabric liner to keep corrosive materials out of contact with the steel components. The finished building will have a clean look, and there will be no place for rust to start.


Fabric buildings are weather-tight and energy efficient. Even before installation of HVAC systems, fabric buildings stay more than 10 degrees warmer on many winter days and almost 20 degrees cooler on most hot days. Add ventilation at the peak or under the eaves, fans, open end walls or even full heating or cooling systems for total climate control. A roof with no penetrations keeps moisture outside, and vermin can’t nest in the fabric and steel environment. When it comes to a clean, comfortable and safe interior, fabric buildings are second to none.

Superior Strength

Legacy buildings are constructed with the same engineering principles as traditional building materials. The rigid steel frame accommodates wind load, snow load and seismic forces as applicable, as well as hanging loads from large doors, HVAC systems, cranes, conveyors and more. Fabric combined with hot dip galvanized steel keep the structure from being damaged by corrosion, even in the most corrosive environment.

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