Fabric Building Materials

Legacy’s preferred building material is our exclusive ExxoTec™ PVC fabric. Using ExxoTec™ helps our customers receive the best value in the fabric building industry, along with the service and commitment Legacy is known for. This tension fabric structure membrane is built to withstand harsh weather conditions for superior longevity. What’s more, with a fabric building skin from Legacy, you can be sure your structure will feature the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for. See what makes our fabric tension membrane buildings an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

ExxoTec™ Fabric

ExxoTec™ is a premium PVC fabric with significantly better strength and performance characteristics – available at a highly competitive price. ExxoTec™ fabric is exclusive to Legacy Building Solutions and available in 27 oz. ExxoTec™ Elite and 19 oz. ExxoTec™ Pro.

Fabric Finishing

Properly finishing fabric around doorways, openings and at the bottom of a fabric structure is critical to fabric longevity and building appearance. Each ripstop fabric panel is kedered for the best attachment and longest fabric life. The keder system keeps the fabric out of contact with the steel frame, prolonging the life of the fabric. The patented attachment system and quality workmanship provide the highest-quality attachment in any environment.

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