Agri-Nutrients Recover


    The Rundown

    Agri-Nutrients creates custom fertilizer blends for large and small customers. Their seven-year-old fabric building at the Port of Catoosa in Oklahoma houses 11 bins plus staging areas for tote storage, blenders and bagging areas. In September of 2017, a fire broke out inside the building. While no one was hurt, the fire burned through the roof of the fabric structure.

    Feature Details

    • Port of Catoosa, OK
    • 150 ft x 170 bulk storage structure
    • Cover-All Series 4 structure
    • Recovered with ExxoTec™ Pro fabric


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    25,500 sq ft


    Port of Catoosa, OK



    The extended life span of a Legacy building over competitors was also a main factor.

    The finished interior was a key factor in ultimately choosing Legacy, as well as the simplicity of the solution and the relocatability. The extended life span of a Legacy building over competitors was also a main factor in choosing Legacy.

    Project Manager Camp Lemonnier

    It seemed to be the perfect solution.

    The building needed to be as salt resistant as possible. Legacy had a solid steel frame as opposed to tubular steel – it seemed to be the perfect solution.

    Mark Edelmann Bethel Park

    Amazing amount of light.

    You stand inside and have this amazing amount of light. It’s hard for me to imagine that anyone would want to have a metal roof over them.

    Lynda Krogh Highland Farms
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