Angels on Horseback Recover


    The Rundown

    Angels on Horseback is a 501(c)3 organization that provides therapeutic horse riding to special needs children. On an average week about 30 children take lessons at their Jasper, Georgia, facility.

    Feature Details

    • Jasper, Georgia
    • 72 ft x 140 ft Equestrian Arena
    • Cover replaced on an existing Cover-All Legend building
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    10,080 sq ft


    Jasper, GA



    Legacy was the only one that could do a two-stepped building.

    Legacy was the only one that could do a two-stepped building, so we could have a high part in front …and then have it stepped down, so we stay out of the clearance zone.

    James Kessler Ontario Airport (ONT)

    Great service over many years.

    The facility looks great and it is very photogenic, which is important since we get a lot of media coverage.

    David Brown TSNY

    The new building will protect the salt supply.

    It will be protected from being compromised by wind and precipitation. Once the general contractor completed the footings and floors, Legacy installed the fabric building very quickly, in about two weeks. It was a very positive process with professional communication between Legacy and Dewberry throughout the project.

    Craig Swengle Dewberry Engineers
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