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    The Rundown

    CGB Enterprises is a global grain and transportation company that serves the agriculture industry. When business growth led to the expansion of their Naples, Illinois, facility, they needed a building solution that would accommodate both bulk salt and bagged product for distribution to corporate and individual clients.

    Feature Details

    • 100 ft x 150 ft (15,000 sq ft)
    • Offset peak with fabric wall between two sections
    • CIP concrete foundation with stem walls
    • All steel framing members hot dip galvanized
    • ExxoTec™ Elite PVC fabric – white with gray trim
    • Overhead doors for heavy equipment access
    • 20 psf snow load, 90 mph windload, exposure C, full exposure
    • Building use: Agricultural salt bagging and distribution
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    Bulk Commodity


    15,000 sq ft


    Naples, IL




    The building provides a unique environment for attending a concert.

    And the sound quality inside is amazing. It's a terrific venue.

    Dan Mastronardi Creative Concerts

    Great service over many years.

    The facility looks great and it is very photogenic, which is important since we get a lot of media coverage.

    David Brown TSNY

    The Legacy construction crew was very professional and courteous.

    Because of our soil issues, we simply couldn't afford to construct a more traditional building. The concrete costs made a more traditional building cost prohibitive. The lightweight design of our Legacy building allowed us to reach a compromise between soil conditions and cost. Regarding the design and construction phases of the building, I can say that the process went exceptionally well. When I made eleventh-hour changes to the job, Legacy handled them with ease. They finished the job well ahead of schedule, worked safely, and followed our stringent safety requirements to the letter.

    Joe Bitter Alliant Energy/IEI Barge Services
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