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    The Rundown

    CGB Enterprises is a global grain and transportation company that serves the agriculture industry. When business growth led to the expansion of their Naples, Illinois, facility, they needed a building solution that would accommodate both bulk salt and bagged product for distribution to corporate and individual clients.

    Feature Details

    • 100 ft x 150 ft (15,000 sq ft)
    • Offset peak with fabric wall between two sections
    • CIP concrete foundation with stem walls
    • All steel framing members hot dip galvanized
    • ExxoTec™ Elite PVC fabric – white with gray trim
    • Overhead doors for heavy equipment access
    • 20 psf snow load, 90 mph windload, exposure C, full exposure
    • Building use: Agricultural salt bagging and distribution
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    Bulk Commodity


    15,000 sq ft


    Naples, IL




    Legacy was very easy to work with.

    The old buildings used tubular steel, and no matter what you do, the salt gets inside the tubes and corrodes them. They came out here with their crew, rented all their equipment, and erected the buildings in three weeks flat – a week ahead of schedule. It's a stand-up company.

    Theo Gatsonis CM & Sons

    The building allowed us to get everything we wanted for the price we could afford.

    We are really happy with everything it’s provided for our community, including the lifestyle changes. We attracted 30 new kids to our school, which is really big for our town. And we feel that building is one of the main reasons for it. The building allowed us to get everything we wanted for the price we could afford.

    Kristen Milne Fox Creek

    It was a seamless process.

    The crew was so professional, polite, on time and hardworking. It was amazing to see how much they got done. There were weather delays and they still finished early. It was a seamless process, and a pleasure to work with this group.

    Andrew Morley AGC Automotive
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