Highland WRF Covered Sludge Storage


    The Rundown

    The City of Highland, IL was embarking on an extensive upgrade to its wastewater treatment plant. As part of that renovation, they needed a covered building that would keep their biosolid sludge dry and away from the elements. Legacy delivered a building that met their needs, extended their abilities to manage the sludge AND fit into their budget. “This Legacy building has been a very useful upgrade,” said plant supervisor Bill Zimmer.

    Feature Details

    • Building size: 85 ft x 240 ft (20,400 sq ft)
    • Hot dip galvanized rigid steel frames
    • Tan ExxoTec™ Elite PVC fabric cladding
    • Open-air pavilion design with partial endwalls
    • 36-in eaves to keep interior protected from the elements
    • Tan ARV-2000 roof ventilators for passive ventilation
    • Conveyor supports for cake screw conveyor
    • 20 psf ground snow load, 105 mph wind speed, seismic zone D
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    State & Municipal, Waste & Recycling


    20,400 sq ft


    Highland, IL




    The whole engineering phase with Legacy was excellent.

    They were very responsive to our ideas and turned things around very quickly. Even the installation was fast—the whole building was erected in about seven days. The fabric roof allows a lot of natural light into the building, which is a big advantage on the operations floor, since it reduces our need for artificial lighting inside. It provides significant sheltering from rain, wind and cold. Even though we didn't have it insulated, it's still noticeably more comfortable inside during the winter. The structure actually provides more of a shading and cooling effect. The Legacy building has performed at or above expectations in many ways. And on top of its functionality within our process, it offers environmentally friendly features in its own right. It's a great system for our application.

    Dean Foor JC Biomethane

    Working with Legacy was easy.

    This is definitely a more permanent building type. And working with Legacy was easy – there was good communication throughout the design and installation process.

    Joe Gianvito Fern Hollow

    The tripper works just as planned – which basically doesn’t ever happen.

    The building is working out better than we thought it would. The tripper is supported from the frame and works just as planned – which basically doesn’t ever happen.

    Greg Margeson Scrap Metal Recycling
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