Kimball Multi-Sport Center


    The Rundown

    The Kimball High School in Kimball, Minnesota, had a growing, immediate need to expand their industrial arts program classroom. The industrial arts program teaches students real-world skills and introduces kids to welding and woodworking. The school also needed more gym space for wrestling practice, conditioning for the track and football teams, and community education classes. After examining options for adding space, the school and community agreed on a plan to add a multi-sport fabric structure onto the existing gymnasium, which would allow the industrial arts area to expand into existing space.

    Feature Details

    • 45 ft x 100.5 ft structure with 20 ft x 15 ft vestibule (4,822.5 square feet)
    • Vestibule directly connected to existing brick structure
    • Lined and insulated for year-round use
    • ExxoTec™ Pro PVC fabric – white, blue and tan
    • School mascot decal on exterior wall
    • Building fully covered with fire suppression system
    • All construction and interior finishing completed in two months
    • 50 psf ground snow load, 45 psf roof snow load, 120 mph windspeed, seismic A, high occupancy
    • Building use: High school sports center
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    4,822.5 sq ft


    Kimball, MN




    We had a great working relationship with Legacy

    A lot of the temporary structures in the region are fabric structures, so we mainly looked at those types of buildings. Due to the overall project timeline, the buildings had to be constructed in the dead of winter. We had a great working relationship with Legacy throughout the entire process. They supply a very high quality fabric structure, and we're certainly pleased with what we've seen from the buildings thus far.

    John Lehman BBE Hydro Constructors

    Amazing amount of light.

    You stand inside and have this amazing amount of light. It’s hard for me to imagine that anyone would want to have a metal roof over them.

    Lynda Krogh Highland Farms

    Legacy was very easy to work with.

    The old buildings used tubular steel, and no matter what you do, the salt gets inside the tubes and corrodes them. They came out here with their crew, rented all their equipment, and erected the buildings in three weeks flat – a week ahead of schedule. It's a stand-up company.

    Theo Gatsonis CM & Sons
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