Martin Luther College: Betty Kohn Fieldhouse


    The Rundown

    Legacy designed, engineered, manufactured, and installed 150 ft x 240 ft fieldhouse. The facility features a customer exterior, interior retractable batting cages, event netting, field turf, and the mezzanine features a golf simulator. 

    Feature Details

    • Building size: 150 ft x 240 ft (36,000 sq ft)
    • All steel framing members are gray primed
    • Custom designed ExxoTec™ Elite PVC fabric cladding, white with gray mountain design that features custom vinyl decals of mascot and college logos on the interior and exterior of the facility
    • 24 ARV-2000 roof vents, painted white to match; 18-in eaves with mesh soffits for passive ventilation; active ventilation with full HVAC system; double-door front entrance with awning, as well as six personnel doors and one overhead door
    • Field turf; two batting cages suspended by building’s frames and located in mezzanine; golf simulator also in mezzanine; netting to separate play areas
    • Installed by Legacy crews
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    Sports & Recreation


    36,000 sq ft


    New Ulm, MN




    The building allowed us to get everything we wanted for the price we could afford.

    We are really happy with everything it’s provided for our community, including the lifestyle changes. We attracted 30 new kids to our school, which is really big for our town. And we feel that building is one of the main reasons for it. The building allowed us to get everything we wanted for the price we could afford.

    Kristen Milne Fox Creek

    It was a breath of fresh air.

    No one was really expecting your guys to install it as fast as they did. Once we got to that point where it was time to put the steel up and putting the fabric up…it was a breath of fresh air.

    Adam McLeod Stony Brook University

    The building provides a unique environment for attending a concert.

    And the sound quality inside is amazing. It's a terrific venue.

    Dan Mastronardi Creative Concerts
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