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    Ontario Airport (ONT) Cargo Facilities


    The Rundown

    The Ontario Airport was in the process of a major renovation. The buildings we installed were cargo storage units that met the client’s needs on four levels: it kept them on schedule, it gave them a customized structure, it was a naturally ventilated building that saved them money, and it gave them a structure with a long life span.

    Feature Details

    • Two buildings: 150 ft x 376 ft and 160 ft x 437 ft
    • Gray primed rigid steel frames
    • ExxoTec™ Elite PVC fabric cladding, white with blue endwall
    • Passive ventilation, open to the air on one endwall
    • 18-in overhangs with mesh soffit ventilation
    • Customized two-step design to accommodate FAA regulations
    • 20 psf snow load, 110 mph wind speed, Seismic D
    • Installed by Legacy crews
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    126,320 sq ft


    Ontario, CA




    Legacy was the only one that could do a two-stepped building.

    Legacy was the only one that could do a two-stepped building, so we could have a high part in front …and then have it stepped down, so we stay out of the clearance zone.

    James Kessler Ontario Airport (ONT)

    Legacy Building Solutions has given Solar Ship more than just a state-of-the-art hangar and assembly building.

    Through our close collaboration, their design incorporates a self-reliant photovoltaic power package that sits above the fabric roof, allowing our building operations to be entirely off-grid. In addition, Legacy’s foundation design allowed us to re-use an existing concrete pad, saving us time and money during construction. These innovations were part of our top-level requirements, and delivering on them really sets Legacy apart from the traditional building segment.

    Lewis Reford Solar Ship

    Legacy was one of the only companies that could construct to that height.

    We needed a structure this big to be able to do maintenance inside, and we needed something we could erect quickly and meet all our requirements. Legacy was one of the only companies that could construct to that height.

    Jason Berzansky US Steel
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