Max Rhoads Wastewater Settling Tank Cover


    The Rundown

    Pavilion-style buildings are used to cover multiple settling tanks at a wastewater treatment plant. The fabric structures were designed to withstand extremely high winds and were installed over existing settling tanks with minimal interruption of business.

    Feature Details

    • 136 ft x 112 ft (15,232 sq ft)
    • Hot dip galvanized solid steel frame
    • Fire-retardant polyethylene fabric roof and gables
    • Pavilion-style building with 12’ open sidewalls on all four sides
    • 4-ft eave extensions along sidewalls
    • Aluminum roof vents for peak exhaust
    • Installed over existing settlement tanks
    • 15 psf ground snow load, 20 psf live snow load, 115 mph windspeed, wind exposure C, seismic zone D, fully exposed, normal occupancy
    • Building use: Wastewater treatment plant
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    State & Municipal, Waste & Recycling


    15,232 sq ft


    Owensboro, KY




    The set up was ideal.

    With this Legacy design, we were able to save money and space by integrating a wash bay into the storage structure. The setup we use is also ideal for eliminating environmental concerns, since all the salt-laden water is contained instead of running off.

    Steve McAvoy INDOT

    It was a good experience working with Legacy.

    Our transportation system requires the diesel buses to be stored in a facility to keep them warm and protected from the elements. Legacy's customized fabric structure design was able to fit our purposes. Their in-house installation crew put up the building very quickly. They're easy to work with and willing to help, and the communication with the city and responsiveness throughout the project was very good.

    Joe Balge Davenport Department of Public Works

    Protecting this equipment helps it run more efficiently.

    We didn’t have any experience with fabric buildings, but they were a cost-effective solution for our needs. Protecting this equipment helps it run more efficiently. So far the building is doing the job of providing protection for the new equipment.

    Victor Cernius Regional Water Resource Agency
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