• Each fabric arena is custom engineered, allowing doors to be placed on the endwalls and side walls.

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Covered Equestrian Riding Arenas & Barns

Fabric buildings are popular as equine riding arenas. With a well-lit interior, a coverall arena provides the perfect space for horse and rider.

Natural Lighting

No amount of artificial lighting can beat the natural light in a fabric arena. Inside the arena, no lighting is needed on a sunny day, and the reflective interior minimizes the lighting. There are no shadowy or dark corners to spoil your ride, just natural light. Optional roll-up sidewall curtains or overhead doors further enhance the natural feeling of a fabric building. Open the doors and curtains for summertime riding, or leave them closed to keep the elements out. A mesh screen inside curtains lets the air in and keeps insects out.

Sound Absorption

Fabric naturally absorbs sound. Your horse won’t be spooked by squeaks or shouts inside or outside the arena. A fabric equine arena creates the perfect environment for rodeos and equestrian events with fewer distractions.

Fabric is a non-conductive material, which means it retains the inside temperature rather than magnifying the outside. Inside a fabric arena feels up to 10 degrees warmer during the winter and up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer. Insulation and heating or cooling systems can be added for even more year-round comfort.

Coverall arena prices vary with the features of your structure. Each fabric building is built to order so your arena will be the exact size and shape required. Having your building vision realized means an end to suffering from a too-small building or paying for more square footage than you need. Customization means the possibility of ancillary areas for stalls, prep or tack storage. Or use a canopy to connect your fabric building to existing structures for the most convenience.

The straight sidewalls on our customized fabric structures offer ample clearances for riding activity. Eaves and straight roof lines provide an attractive, conventional appearance. Steel, wood or even roll-up curtains on the sidewalls further help your fabric building blend in with existing structures.

Whether you host equestrian events or use it as a private space to train, your arena will be customized for you. Our arenas are often used for mounted shooting, barrel racing, rodeos and horse jumping events. Year-round training or competition is possible with a fabric arena manufactured and installed by Legacy Building Solutions.

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