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Break out of the hoop – we have combined fabric covers with time-tested rigid steel frames to create buildings perfect for cattle or agricultural usage.

The unique shape and design flexibility of fabric buildings for agricultural uses allow for maximum ventilation. Constant airflow creates a productive environment with low stress and fewer zero-gain days.

Fabric farm buildings better maintain a comfortable temperature. Inside the building is a pleasant, bright environment that’s naturally cooler than hot outside temperatures.

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Agriculture & LivestockBuildings

Fabric buildings for agriculture and livestock can be installed over standing bunks and feed aprons, on existing facilities, and even on sites with grade differentials. Our buildings meet USDA/NRCS/EQIP standards.

Customization means more than the perfect size. Feed troughs, slatted floors, a control alley and more maximize efficiency.

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Featured Application

Hay Storage

Combining fabric with a rigid steel frame creates maximum versatility in fabric buildings for agricultural uses. Custom-engineered fabric buildings are designed to withstand accidental impact and weather conditions.

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Combining fabric with a rigid steel frame creates maximum versatility. There are many ways to use fabric buildings on the farm:


No matter the size of your cattle operation, a design-built barn from Legacy Building Solutions will increase your efficiency and your ROI. A more pleasant interior means happy cattle, free of the stresses of too hot or too cramped conditions.

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