Fabric structures by Legacy Building Solutions have the design flexibility, energy efficiency, speed of construction and strength for oil and gas jobsites.

Engineered for application and location, steel frames support life-safety and fire suppression systems. Add hanging loads, lighting, doors, lightning suppression and ventilation as needed to any oil, gas or energy fabric building.

Add a fabric liner to prevent oxidation in corrosive environments. Batten insulation creates energy-efficient heated, moisture-controlled and air-conditioned facilities.

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Featured Application

Biomass Production

Fabric structures from Legacy are the perfect option for storing and safeguarding your organic fuels. The fabric creates a completely airtight space and is inert to corrosion. Worldwide installation is performed by trained crews.

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Featured Application

LNG Processing

Legacy’s fabric buildings are a great option for enclosing LNG equipment – including tank enclosures and pumping and loading stations. Our fabric structures are customizable to fit the needs of your LNG processing operation.

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