Fabric Building Hanging Loads

Legacy fabric structures are designed used FEA software with manual quality checks. This allows collateral and hanging loads to be suspended from the building frame without overburdening the frames.


Fabric structures with conveyors simplify the loading process for bulk products such as sand, fertilizer and agricultural commodities. The weight of a fully loaded conveyor and catwalk, along with necessary wall penetrations, may be added anywhere on the building frame.


Bridge cranes to transport heavy equipment or components increase the building versatility. Cranes create a dynamic load that must be accounted for when engineering the building. Cranes can be mounted anywhere on the building – Legacy’s offset peak technology allows you to place a crane anywhere on the frame, not just at the center.


Mezzanines or viewing platforms in sports centers and entertainment venues allow all or most of the floor space to be used for practice or events while creating a space for spectators and even offices. Rigid steel frame fabric buildings are designed to accommodate the weight of the mezzanine as well as the dynamic load from people and equipment on the platform.


Local building codes, industry regulations or your own procedures may require a sprinkler system inside your tension fabric structure. Our engineers and consultants have the experience to incorporate a wet or dry sprinkler system into the building design. Sprinkler systems may be used alone or in combination with flame-retardant fabric.


Lighting systems in fabric buildings are critical for nighttime work and to control the interior lighting for entertainment and athletics buildings. Such systems can be suspended from the steel frame, with the relative loads accounted for during the building’s engineering phase.

Heating and Cooling (HVAC)

In instances where ventilation or insulation do not adequately control the environment in a fabric building, add an HVAC system for year-round comfort.

Fans, vents, heating and air conditioning systems can all be incorporated into your building design. We have options as simple as passive louvers or as complex as air rotation units, powered fans and climate control systems. We can design an HVAC system that will keep the entire building the proper temperature, regardless of the outside conditions.

Or incorporate multiple cooling and heating systems, including in-floor, radiant and forced air. Any heating or cooling system will also combine with fabric’s natural tendency to hold the inside temperature for a comfortable building for all occupants.

Solar Panels and Photovoltaics

Legacy has developed a solar panel and turbine system to decrease the carbon footprint of our structures. These green systems are mounted to the rooftop of the fabric structure to provide energy alone or with another power source.

Advanced Capabilties

We don’t just offer comprehensive options for hanging equipment in our buildings, we also provide 100% in-house service from concept to build out. We will fully engineer your building meet your needs.

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