Fabric Buildings for Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction

Fabric structures in the wastewater treatment and recycling industries are designed for maximum efficiency, odor control and durability.

Energy-efficient fabric buildings for wastewater treatment facilities provide a cooler, drier environment to slow the growth of mold and bacteria. Add aeration and circulation systems for the best environment for processing and sorting.

Clearspan space and tall clearances mean more room for heavy equipment maneuvering and piles.

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Wastewater Recycling Bio Energy

Legacy fabric buildings are designed for maximum efficiency, odor control, and durability. The translucent material creates a natural energy-saving environment by allowing in natural light, and the steel beams are constructed from 80% recycled steel. A Legacy fabric building for a recycling facility is versatile, cost-effective, and built to last.

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Featured application


Fabric buildings have a long history in waste treatment and recycling facilities. Customized fabric buildings have the capability to create negative air pressure for hazardous waste decontamination and volatile containment, which also controls odors and emissions. ExxoTecâ„¢ fabric provides enough diffused light for safe storage and daytime operations and is flame retardant to provide even further protection to your structure and workers.

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